Rare 500 Pound Tiger Caught on Camera Attacking Chinese Villager Captured

A male Siberian tiger that terrorized the residents of Linhu village in China's Heilongjiang province last week has been captured, according to Reuters. The tiger will be held for observation for about a month and a half to ensure it displays no signs of serious disease.

On April 23, the tiger was spotted resting in an alley by an abandoned house, according to a tweet by the Chinese media outlet Xinhua Culture & Travel.

Later that day, it attacked a female field worker, knocking her to the ground, before turning tail and charging at a witness's car. In apparent cell phone camera footage taken by one of the car's passengers, the tiger races toward the car as the witness begins to drive away, panicking audibly.

Tiger attack: A wild Siberian tiger strayed into a village in Heilongjiang, NE China, triggering panic and injuring one farmer. An operation team managed to bring the animal under control. It will be released after further examination. pic.twitter.com/mhJNAUK0pQ

— Xinhua Culture&Travel (@XinhuaTravel) April 25, 2021

Before the footage cuts out, a heavy thump rings out—potentially the tiger hurling its considerable body weight against the side of the vehicle. It scratched up the door and smashed one of the rear windows, the witness, Wang Xue, said.

"It turned in the direction of two villagers working in the field," Wang recounted, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. "I shouted at them to run, but the tiger then ran straight in my direction. In two or three seconds, it ran over and pounced on my car, clawing at it with its paws."

The ambushed worker was injured in the attack and required surgery but was reportedly in stable condition as of Monday. By contrast, Wang and her passengers were physically unharmed. Emotionally, not so much.

"I was terrified and am still suffering from heart issues," Wang said.

Police and forestry officials subsequently evacuated some of the villagers and launched a hunt for the tiger. Within 15 hours after the animal was first sighted, they had managed to corner it and subdue it with a barrage of tranquilizer darts, according to a YouTube video by The South China Morning Post.

The tiger was then transported to Hengdaohezi Feline Breeding Center, where it will serve out its observation period. Center officials said that the tiger was a healthy male around two or three years of age. It weighed 225 kilograms (about 496 pounds).

The incident was especially notable because Siberian tigers, also known as Amur tigers, are some of the rarest big cats on the planet. Only a few hundred are believed to remain in the wild, according to the World Wide Fund for Nature. They are found primarily in Russia's Far East and on the Chinese-Russian border.

Siberian tiger snarling