Rare Pygmy Hippo Born in Swedish Zoo

Olivia, the pygmy hippo Parken Zoo

Sweden's Parken Zoo now has an adorable new resident: a pygmy hippo named Olivia. BBC reports that Olivia was born on August 2 to two hippos, Anton and Eskilstuna, under an international breeding program.

The eensy hippo weighed just 13 pounds at birth and initially had issues putting on weight. Now she's healthy and has even been dubbed "little Michelin Man" by Parken's zoologists. "She is the cutest little fatty you can imagine," zoologist Jennie West Anderson told Sweden's Aftonbladet newspaper.

At 3½ weeks of age, Olivia was introduced to her pop Anton. She will spend two years with her mother, then she will be shipped off to another European zoo.

Pygmy hippos look like their more recognized counterparts, the Hippopotamus amphibius, but pygmies only grow to be about half as big. What they lack in size they make up for in fangs, though. While Olivia is currently among the zoo's tinier creatures, West Anderson said that she will soon have some of the biggest teeth in town.

The pygmy hippos, which are native of Western Africa, use their large teeth as weapons, although they typically eat a diet of just grass and fruit. The semiaquatic creatures perspire a red substance believed to be an antibiotic or protection against excessive sunlight, hence the legend that they "sweat blood." Only an estimated 3,000 of these endangered hippos still live in the wild, according to statistics from the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Red List of Threatened Species.