The Rarest Beanie Babies of All-Time That Every Millennial Kid Pined After

If you were a child during the late 1990s, there is every chance you were familiar with the Beanie Baby craze.

These were not simply children's stuffed animal toys, but touted as highly coveted collectibles to be cherished, with plastic tag protectors even available to purchase to keep them in mint condition.

Made by TY, the toys often came in the form of different animals. Each would have its own name, birthday and a little poem in a tag attached to it.

Adding to the mystique around these simple toys, TY would frequently "retire" Beanie Babies, meaning they were no longer available for purchase as newer versions hit the shelves.

If you had a collection of your own, it might be worth seeing where they're at now as while the entire range may not have been as valuable as first hoped, there are some rare Beanie Babies that can be worth more than you expect.

1. Curly the Bear

While Curly might just look like a stuffed bear toy, it's actually one of the rarest and most collectible Beanie Babies thanks to a litany of errors.

One Curly bear listed on eBay had mismatched dates on tags and typos in the poem, among other things.

It sold for $14,999.

2. McDonalds Teenie Beanie Baby Mini Erin the Bear

Who knew a free McDonald's Happy Meal Toy could be worth so much?

One mini Erin bear in its original packaging sold for $14,500 on eBay.

Again, it seems errors in productions are what makes this one worth the big bucks.

3. Valentina the Bear

Fuchsia-colored bear Valentina hit the shelves in 1999 and was retired in the same year.

Her birthday was Valentine's Day and her tag included a romantic poem with a typo, increasing the bear's value among collectors.

One sold on eBay for $14,100.

4. Valentino the Bear

Before Valentina, there was Valentino.

This white Valentine's Day bear was released in 1995 before being retired three years later.

One eBay seller fetched $10,000 for theirs.

5. Hope the Bear

Hope was another bear that was only available for a year before being retired.

Spelling mistakes on tags again added to the collectability of this bear, with one selling on eBay for $5,700.

6. Jake the Mallard

It's not just bears that fans of the brand loved, Jake the Mallard duck is another that fetched a high price on eBay.

One was sold earlier this year for $5,000.

7. Princess the Bear

Princess the Bear paid tribute to the late Princess Diana and was released in 1997, just two months after her death.

Profits were donated to the Princess of Wales Foundation.

The purple bear was embroidered with a white rose, and featured the poem: "Like an angel, she came / from heaven above / She shared her compassion, / her pain, her love / She only stayed with us long / enough to teach / The world to share, / to give, to reach."

Some of these bears were made with PE pellets while others contained PVC.

One eBay seller had one of each and sold the pair for $4,000.

8. Claude the Crab

Back in 1997 Claude the Crab hit the shelves.

He was available for a year before being retired, with one eBay user able to sell theirs for $2,500.

9. Pouch the Kangaroo

With Pouch, collectors almost get two for the price of one as she comes with a little joey in her pouch.

Perhaps that's why one seller on eBay was able to get $2,495 for theirs.

Beanie Babies on a store shelf
Beanie Babies, pictured here on a store shelf in 1999, were hugely collectible children's toys in the late 1990s. JOYCE NALTCHAYAN/Getty Images

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