The Rarest Sylvanian Families Figurines and Sets Of All-Time

Had we known as children that vintage toy collections could be so lucrative, perhaps we wouldn't have been so careless with some of our favorites.

Sylvanian Families were one of the most sought after children's toy sets.

These adorable critters have even found a new adult audience thanks to the TikTok account @sylvaniandrama imagining Gossip Girl inspired plot lines for the animals. The account has amassed 1.1 million followers.

The original Sylvanian Families craze began in the 1980s and the toys went on to become so popular that the company claims to have sold over 100 million figurines in over 50 countries.

Despite their popularity, there are still some figurines and toy sets that are rare and may hold some value.

These are some of the rarest figurines and sets.

1. Giant Freya Rabbit

While the figurines we may remember playing with were small, it seems one of the rarest Sylvanian Family collectibles is a giant version of Freya the rabbit.

One of these 32.5 inch tall bunnies sold on eBay for $1,200.

The seller described it as a "very unusual and very rare piece."

2. The Brown Mole Family

The Brown Mole Family was released in collaboration with Toy's Dream Project and sold as a limited edition set in Japan.

One eBay seller fetched $500 for their set, complete with the original box.

3. Vintage Country Flower Shop

Of course, as well as the figurines, there were houses and buildings you could buy to help create different scenarios for the critters. The Vintage Country Flower Shop is one of the more collectible and sought after of these.

One set was sold on eBay for £319 ($439.34).

4. Calico Critters Baby Gathering Set

This set was released in 1993 and was exclusively sold in Japan, making it a rare find for international collectors.

It contains eight babies and one seller on eBay sold their Calico Critters Baby Gathering Set in a used condition with the original box for $359.99.

5. Sound Parties Bear

The 1980s Sound Parties Bear was bigger than typical Sylvanian Families figurines. It was complete with a sound sensor so that it would move when spoken to and came with a cassette that the doll could dance along to.

One eBay seller received $310 for theirs.

6. Calico Critters Handicraft Shop

Another makeshift storefront for your figurines to play with, the Calico Critters Handicraft Shop was sold by one eBay user for $360.

7. Sewing Shop Set with Ivory Rabbit

This retired sewing shop set came complete with an ivory rabbit to act as the head seamstress.

One set sold on eBay for $285.44.

Sylvanian Families toy set
Over 100 million Sylvanian Families figurines have been sold worldwide. Yamaguchi Haruyoshi/Getty Images