Rat Partially Chews Face Off Girl's Barbie in 'Horror Movie' Situation

Wild and grisly comparisons have been made online after a little girl's Barbie got partially chewed by a rat, and ended up looking like something from a horror movie.

Anchorpete29 shared a snap to Twitter, where he revealed the aftermath of the rodent's impromptu snack.

The dad, thought to be called Peter Marsh, showed off the doll, wearing a yellow dress, whose face has been gnawed to create a gaping hole where her mouth should be.

"My dog chewed on one of my daughter's old Barbies and created....," Marsh, thought to be from Texas, captioned the post.

In a series of follow-up tweets, where he dubbed the figurine "scary Barbie," he clarified: "My older daughter corrected me, our schnauzer didn't eat off Barbie's face, it was one of her rats. Is that better?"

The tweet, shared on Saturday, has racked up more than 370,000 likes, as numerous people likened the doll to both the star of a horror film, or an album cover.

Dman Stoitza reckoned: "Either a scream Queen from a horror movie or now Opera-singing Barbie. Could be either one."

Referencing Barbie accessories, Carolyn joked: "In the Malibu dreamhouse no one can hear you scream."

Dexter Remmick, Starfleet reckoned: "You're right on the verge of a successful horror franchise!"

"A rival in the next chapter of the Annabelle universe," Fabbz commented. Steven thought: "Oh my gosh it looks like one of those 'don't smoke' commercials." Barbie Agiota Edition commented: "American Horror Story—Barbie season."

Sing Out Louise said: "That is incredibly grotesque. You must save it forever. It looks like Barbie after a date with Hannibal Lechter [Lecter]."

Rob Sheridan said: "Lost 90s album cover."

Agreeing, Chris MacLiam added: "Thanks, now I have the album cover for my death metal band's next release."

Mattel's Barbie was launched in 1959, and was widely popular with children for decades, and remains an established toy today. The iconic doll has numerous outfits, accessories and looks, covering everything from Disney princesses to famous faces.

According to Statista, the company made $1.35 billion in gross sales of Barbie dolls in 2020, up from $1.16 billion the year before, and $1.1 billion in 2018.

Explaining more about the evolution of the brand, Mattel's website revealed the first Dreamhouse was launched in 1962, while in 1965 a Barbie Astronaut was made.

In 1998, Barbie was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame, while in 2016 three new body-types were added to the line-up, curvy, petite, and tall.

Newsweek reached out to Marsh for comment.

File photo of damaged doll.
File photo of damaged doll. A dad has shared the horrifying site after their pet rat chewed his daughter's doll. azerberber/Getty Images