Re-sculpted Lamborghini Huracan Takes on Its Form of the Future

The new Lamborghini Huracan Technica changes enthusiasts view of the Italian supercar while increasing performance specs where it matters most.

Lamborghini's designers have taken the classic, angular and aggressive form of the Huracan and made it bolder but not brasher. It's instantly distinguishable from its stablemates with muscular shoulders, a full carbon fiber hood, and a front splitter with open slats through to the wheels.

Buyers can opt for a solid look, a two-tone paint job with a black roof, or choose from Lamborghini's extensive Ad Personam customization service paint collection.

New vertical rear glass is designed to improve visibility without sacrificing the ability to peep at the engine. A fixed wing sits out back while aero deflectors under the model work to improve efficiency. A new bumper, diffuser, and hexagonal exhaust pipes combine standard Lamborghini design language with new forms for the new Huracan era.

The car, which is slightly longer than the Huracan EVO, is powered by a naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine that delivers up to 631 horsepower and 416 pound-feet of torque. Those are the same power figures as the Lamborghini Huracan STO and drive the car from zero to 62 miles per hour in 3.2 seconds.

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The engine is paired with a seven-speed gearbox.

Compared to the last Huracan models the new Technica model has more downforce (a 35 percent increase) and far less drag (a 20 percent decrease over the Huracan EVO RWD). This leads to the model being more fuel efficient, but it doesn't mean that the car doesn't make an entrance or leave an impression. The company's engineers have given the model a revised exhaust that enhances the engine sound.

Brake cooling enhancements pair with better stability and rear-wheel drive steering to make the new Huracan a technical performer on the road or track though it's designed to be more of a tourer than its brothers.

Strada, Street and Corsa drive modes allow drivers some ride and handling customization.

The interior of the Huracan doesn't much change for the new Technica model. It continues to have a blend of sport and comfort that blends it in with the rest of the Lambo lineup.

The height-adjustable sports seats welcome the coupe's occupants while available harness seat belts keep them in place. Other option equipment includes lightweight doors and titanium rear arch and wheel bolts.

Lamborghini's computing technology has been improved for the Huracan Technica. The new instrument panel has been refreshed to focus on readability, with an arc of information delivered in front of the pilot.

The infotainment screen allows as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Amazon Alexa compatibility. Drivers can connect telemetry and on-board diaries of destinations and track times via the UNICA app.

Pricing for the Lamborghini Huracan Technica has yet to be announced but is expected to top a quarter-million dollars.