Read Dave Portnoy's Full Response to Accusations of Being a 'Sexual Deviant'

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy denied allegations made by two women that he had non-consensual sex with them—including one woman who said she was so depressed after sleeping with him that she had to be hospitalized.

On Thursday, Business Insider reported that multiple unnamed women had met up with Portnoy at his Nantucket home and allegedly engaged in sexual encounters that turned violent and humiliating. One accuser described feeling like a "human sex doll" and that she was "literally screaming in pain," while another woman said she became depressed to the point where her mother called the police.

Portnoy denied he's ever engaged in sexual conduct that was non-consensual. He said in an 11-minute video posted on Twitter that the first time he was aware of anything "unseemly" about the two encounters was when the Business Insider piece was published.

He accused the reporter of developing a narrative before even writing the article and spending months digging until she found stories that fit the piece she wanted to write.

The Barstool Sports founder included direct messages with one of the women from after they slept together, using it as evidence that her allegations against him weren't true. He said he had no way to prove his innocence in the other encounter because it was a "he said/she said" situation.

dave portnoy barstool allegations response read
Barstool founder Dave Portnoy denied allegations of sexual misconduct on Thursday, but acknowledged he has no way to prove his innocence in one of the cases because it's a case of he said, she said. Above, Portnoy visits Faction Talk at SiriusXM Studios on November 14, 2017, in New York City. Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

You can read his full response below:

Okay, so, Business Insider finally published the hit piece that has been eight months in the making on me. Not the normal hit piece. Not the normal stuff about jokes we made, videos we've made, things we've done at Barstool. This is far more serious allegations. Portraying me, painting me really as a sexual deviant. Serious sh*t. So, lawyers have been talking to me, boards, 'you should say this, you shouldn't say that.' Listen, I've ignored everything they said. I'm going to do what I always do. I'm just gonna tell the truth. Shoot from the hip and tell you exactly how I feel and where I'm at.

No written statements, no preplanned things, just me being me. It's worked for me for 20 years and I tell the truth.

Let's start with the fact that I'm not surprised this article came out. I didn't know what would be in it but for eight months I've had every single girl I've been remotely associated with, girls I know, girls I've hooked up with, girls I don't know, girls that have posted Tik Tok's about me being like, 'Hey just heads up there's a reporter digging around basically asking about your sexual habits. Basically like, has he done anything dirty with you? Does he try to get you to do this? All trying to make it sound like the story was already written like they're trying to portray you a certain way.' I have tons of girls who have documented that that was their conversation with that reporter.

Now, I still was like as the months went by maybe this will never come out because I'm pretty confident in myself. I know I've never done anything weird with a girl ever. Never anything remotely nonconsensual so I was hoping maybe she just couldn't find it. It became obvious she was going to continue to dig and dig and dig whether it took four months, eight months or eight years to fulfill her narrative she had already decided on before she even started this article.

From day one, I don't know why she decided to do it, I know cancel culture has been coming for me for a decade, this is just the next iteration. But she knew what she was going to write and she was going to find the narrative to fit it from day one. Most importantly, let's get to the two allegations that are jarring and if I read them not knowing me, I'd be like this guy belongs behind bars basically.

First allegation is basically a girl that came to my house in Nantucket last July. Like a year and half ago and is saying we had sex it was so rough she was screaming crying in pain, 'stop, stop,' she recalls and then like two days later reached out to her friend and said she felt like a sex doll during sex. Based on that description of that story I would have absolutely zero idea who we're talking about.

However, it said July and there was a passage that said she slept on my couch after we hooked up. That part, the couch part, and knowing when it was, there's only one girl I could ever recall who slept on a couch and not with me. After we had talked for a month and a half online and I liked her, I thought she was really attractive, pretty, stunning, engaging girl and that's why she came but I do remember one girl sleeping on the couch. So I went and looked at our past DMs and that part that says she reached out, 'hey pizza man' and I reached out 'hey fly b***h.' I would have never recognized that I said 'fly b***h,' I don't say that. She was wearing a 'hey fly b***h shirt or 'fly b***h shirt when she first DMed me and that's how I responded, whatever.

So, that's how I was able to figure out who the girl was. The couch part of it. I can say this unequivocally: at no point, she came, she flew, we did have pizza, hung out, hooked up, at no point during it, at no point was it not 100 percent consensual. At no point did she ask me to stop. At no point did either of us think something unseemly happened. There was no weirdness after. It was totally fine, normal interaction, sexual, 100 percent consensual.

My lawyer's like don't make these blanket statements. I'm telling you now her version of events is not true on our hookup. Just not true. Neither of us were like oh you shouldn't be doing, it was one hundred, million percent consensual. What's going on in her brain? I don't know. Her behavior, her actions all outward 100 percent normal. Wasn't alarmed, never thought about it.

Now, after we hooked up we were hanging out more and it just became one of those situations where we just disagreed on just about everything from you know, is it raining or sunny out? It was oil and vinegar, just two people who did not see the world the same way and that is why she slept on the couch. I do believe, my recollection is she was still interested in hooking up and I was like this just isn't working. We don't get along. Flew back, I never talked to her again, I never knew she had any issue. It's the first I heard of it and quite frankly was stunned to read and hear about it.

I'm obviously not going to say her name. I don't want her harassed. If what she's telling that she didn't enjoy the experience is true, I had no idea and that's horrible and I never want to feel that way but if there was a hidden camera in that room and it wasn't a he said/she said and someone saw the interaction there would be absolutely nothing there. I promise you.

I've never lied. My lawyers have been like don't even acknowledge you know this person, it's just anonymous is better because people can throw it away. I don't do that. I know who the person is and I'm telling you that's how it went down. The reason I knew who it was was not because of the description of the event because it does not ring true at all it's because she slept on the couch because we had a disagreement on life, nothing to do with sex.

Did prior were we sending each other videos? Her to me? Yes. Me to her? Yes. Were we sexting? Yes. Were we having normal conversations? Yes. I talked to her for a month and a half before she came.

That's incident number one. Incident number two, I have no idea about. Which is basically a girl came over in Nantucket, she DM'd me, she asked to come over, she came over, we hung out by the pool, started hooking up had sex and then it says she went home, got super depressed–she took a selfie with me–got super depressed when the selfie circulated and three days later was in the hospital with depression.

The mother of this girl apparently called the Nantucket cops. I have never, ever been contacted by any authorities, nobody, nothing ever. Never hints, whispers nothing because I've never done anything that's remotely not consensual. I haven't. So this story total news to me.

The mother's saying there's parties in Nantucket. If you put a police car you'll see girls getting dropped off all the time. Totally false. I never have people at my house. Rarely. I hate people at my house. I want to go to bed early.

In regards to this girl, again, if she's depressed because she hooked up with me, that's awful. That is freaking awful. I feel terrible about it. I knew who it was because they're making these stories seem like it's all the time. No, when you tell a story I know who it is because if there's any element of truth I can put it together. I'm not out there running like a madman so I was able to go back. This girl in question who was apparently so depressed by her interactions with me that she ended up in the hospital [shows pictures of direct messages with her].

After we had sex in the afternoon she went home. She DM'd me to come hang out with her at a bar at night. At a bar, by the way, was where she wanted to meet me the first time so all this underage--that's 21 plus. She said, 'hey I'm going to this bar meet me here.' To me it's pretty black and white, again, such a strange area to be because it's a sensitive issue and these allegations are horrific but they're saying she was so depressed by me, suicidal almost, but she was continually hitting me up to hangout and it was the mother who found the DMs and maybe she's I don't know. I'm telling you the truth.

For eight months, those were the two accusations, sexual in nature, that were dug up against me. The first one I'll never be able to prove my side of the story, ever. It's a he said/she said. I swear to God on my life, I'm telling the truth.

The second one, at least I have something to back it up. I don't know what else to do. This reporter had an agenda from day one. From the second she picked up paper, took her eight months.

I've been mostly single until recently for the past five years. Well known target on my back. People f***ing hate me because I interviewed Trump or I go on Tucker Carlson. The woke cancel culture wants to cancel me. This is the next escalation and they're like oh he wrote a rape joke in 2010 which I wouldn't do now. He made a video at a porn convention, he must be a rapist and let's just dig up every rock and I'm scared now. I'm scared because they're asking for more. They're asking the internet, 'tell us bad stories about Dave Portnoy.' Well guess what? A lot of f***ing people hate me.

I guarantee this, they'll never be able to prove anything, nothing, because nothing has ever happened. But I can't stop a he said/she said, so, yeah, it's f***ing scary and it sucks and it's sad that's the world we live in. This isn't a court of law where it's innocent until proven guilty. No charges ever have been filed, probably won't, unless I'm provoking right now but there's no way to do it because I've never done anything but with media and Business Insider, which doesn't give a f*** about destroying lives or who they're effecting right now or the reputation, it's guilty until proven innocent.

How do I prove in a he said/she said that I'm right? How? Luckily one, I have a DM but the other one I'm telling you we didn't get along. We saw the world very differently, so yeah there's nothing after the fact but I was never made aware by her at any point anything remotely was unseemly. What do I gotta be better? No I have a target on my back and I'm too lose and authentic and I don't have to worry about anything because I know who I am and my character. This is eye opening. It's like scary. It's actually f***ing scary because people can basically say whatever they want and this is going to be the new narrative--Dave Portnoy is a rapist.

It is 100 percent false. There's not an ounce of credibility to it. If this woman, the reporter, wanted to print and talk to all the girls I've hooked up with and known you're going to just see one after the other, great guy, respectful, yes may like kinky sex, may send sex messages, things like that both ways. If you take anything like that out of the bedroom and put it out of context, yeah it looks f***ing weird.

I've been pretty open about my sex life. None of the girls besides this have ever said a thing and I'm telling you the first example, she was on the couch and we didn't hook up a second time and it didn't have to do with sex. It was we did not see the world, we did not like each other. I have nothing against her, that happens, but it was like, yeah this isn't gonna work, we're not getting along.

People choose to believe what they want to believe. This was 11 minutes of me pouring my soul out. I didn't know how else to do it but it sucks to be attacked like this. Eight months, 24 hours to respond, that's what the reporter said. Give me a f***ing break.