Read This Chart to Find Out How Fast Someone Can Hack Into All of Your Accounts

If your login is 000000, it may be time for a reset.

One Reddit user shared a comprehensive and color-coded chart to illustrate how much time it could take a hacker to figure out your password. The chart categorizes how many characters and what type of characters are in a password, along with the amount of time it would take for someone to figure it out.

If your password is only four or five characters (regardless of whether they are just numbers or a combination of numbers, letters and symbols), there's a very high chance that it will be hacked instantly, the chart from Hive Systems notes. However, if your password is only numbers and up to 18 characters, it could take a hacker up to nine months to crack the code.

Conversely, if you have a complicated password (an 11-character password with numbers, uppercase and lowercase characters) it could take a hacker 41 years to figure it out. The longer and more complicated your password, the longer it will take a hacker to crack.

Hacker password
Computer hacker silhouette. Green binary code background. Bill Hinton/Getty

This chart sparked a debate among Redditors regarding the security of their passwords, as per the chart. "The older you are, the less secure it needs to be. I'll be dead before they figure out my 14 letter all lowercase password," one user wrote. "This assumes the system will allow an unlimited number of failed attempts without a back-off time or lockout," another posited.

One user was appreciative of the chart's reminder to change their password every now and again. "I love seeing graphs like this, a good reminder to update my password. 30 mixed characters, to be on the safe side," they wrote.

"A password which might have needed millions of years to brute force using 1990 computers can be brute-forced pretty quickly using 2020 computers," one Redditor noted, considering the ever-evolving power of computers.

"These numbers are probably only taking into account the pure cracking time, with no consideration to real world constraints such as the fact that usually when gaining access to a system there are HTML requests on each attempt, which take time," someone else added, considering other hacking factors that could come into play. "Most consumer login providers of any type has some protection against brute force attacks like this."

Others had jokes about the chart's data upon discovering how much time hackers would need to figure it out. "Can't have a hacker sitting behind a computer for 43 billion years and getting into my Reddit account."

"Wow that's crazy! We should share passwords and see who's is the most secure," one brazen user wrote.