'Real Heroes': Border Guards Play With Refugee Kids in Touching Video

A heartwarming viral video filmed at the Slovakia-Ukraine border shows a couple of Slovak guards playing and laughing with two young refugee children.

The video, which was first posted to Facebook on March 17 by the Slovak Police (Polícia Slovenskej Republiky), was re-posted in Reddit's "Made Me Smile" forum on Sunday by u/frosted_bite. The clip has amassed more than 915,000 views on Facebook and over 113,000 upvotes on Reddit while being lauded as a rare glimmer of hope during the current war in Ukraine.

In the video, one of the guards can be seen carrying the younger of the two children–a toddler—while the other child, who looks to be of elementary age, runs around with the other guard. The toddler laughs loudly as the older boy and the other guard attempt to chase her and tickle her, and a woman—who many commenters assume is the children's mother—smiles as she watches the children play.

After about a minute of uninterrupted playtime, the rest of the children's party arrives. So, the guards grab the group's luggage and walk them to their next destination.

"Moments like this give us hope that the war will soon end and humanity will win over evil," read the Slovak Police's Facebook post, according to the provided translation.

Many Redditors were touched by the video and said it was good to see human "kindness" amid "the darkness of the war."

"I love seeing the kindness and love of others shine through the darkness of the war and unspeakable violence. They're the hope givers," wrote u/Iceicemickey.

"Bless those men for taking the pain away from these children for even a fleeting moment," said u/Designer-Ruin7176.

"Those guys are absolutely amazing. Real Heroes!" exclaimed u/Virtual_Ad5553.

"Man, after a month of heartbreaking coverage from the war, I needed to see this," added u/korbendallllas. "That laughter is so heartwarming, especially when you try to put yourself in their shoes, and what they've been through to get to this point."

According to the United Nations (U.N.), more than 10 million Ukrainians have been forced to flee their homes since Russia's full-scale invasion of the country, Newsweek previously reported. Some Ukrainians have fled to other European countries such as Poland, Romania and Hungary, in addition to Slovakia.

And other Ukrainians, according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, are currently displaced within the country.

"Among the responsibilities of those who wage war, everywhere in the world, is the suffering inflicted on civilians who are forced to flee their homes," Grandi tweeted Sunday. "The war in Ukraine is so devastating that 10 million have fled—either displaced inside the country or as refugees abroad."

U.N. refugee agency spokesperson Shabia Mantoo previously told Newsweek that the situation looks as though it'll become "Europe's largest refugee crisis this century."

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Ukrainian child on train to Slovakia
A heartwarming viral video filmed at the Slovakia-Ukraine border shows a couple of Slovak guards playing and laughing with two young refugee children. Pictured above is a child fleeing Ukraine on a humanitarian train organized by the Slovak Rail Company. Christopher Furlong / Staff/Getty