'RHOBH' Lisa Vanderpump Blocked Kyle Richards: 'She Threw Our Relationship Down the Toilet and I Flushed It'

Lisa Vanderpump opened up on her decision to cut ties with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmates in a new blog post on her website on Tuesday. The reality star, who noted she was still grieving the loss of her brother during Season 9 filming, said she needed to remove herself "from negativity and refrain from punishing myself by witnessing the slew of insults and accusations" being hurled at her on the show.

Drama engulfed Vanderpump on the show after Dorit Kemsley alleged the restauranteur had leaked stories to the press about her regarding a dog she adopted from Vanderpump's animal charity, Vanderpump Dogs. Rumors circulated that Kemsley had given the dog to a kill shelter. Although the claims turned out to be untrue, it was believed Vanderpump was behind the gossip, and when articles regarding the incident appeared in online tabloids, the cast assumed Vanderpump had conspired that too.

Vanderpump's longtime friend Richards confronted her over the issue, resulting in a huge fight that ended their relationship. During their altercation, Richards accused Vanderpump of caring more about her image than her friendships and said no one in the group believed she wasn't behind the leak. In the blog, Vanderpump was baffled Richards would make such a statement, considering the same day as their argument Vanderpump's House resolution, dismantling the dog and cat meat industry, was passed.

"If I was more interested in my own image than my friendships, as KR vociferously stated, the success of the resolution passing should've been in the press, not a negative dog dumping story that could potentially harm our Foundation," Vanderpump wrote.

Vanderpump and Richards have both stated to media outlets that they haven't spoken since their epic blowout. However, Vanderpump noted Richards did send her a birthday message the day after their fight. "I received a text sending me a birthday greeting from KR, a hollow statement, it felt insincere to me," she wrote in the blog.

"There were no flowers, no phone call, no messages of retraction—she knew I was reticent to celebrate my birthday this year so soon after a family tragedy, I was insulted that she chose to discard our friendship as if it was insignificant," she continued. "And so, I declined to ever entertain a text from her again and I pressed the BLOCK button...Problem solved. She threw our relationship down the toilet and I flushed it!"

Amidst grieving the loss of her brother, Mark Vanderpump, she said she was bombarded with other life responsibilities at the time that required more of her attention than petty fights with the cast. "[I] needed to desperately regroup and take stock of what was of the utmost importance," she wrote, revealing she turned to counseling and antidepressants to help her "regain some sort of normalcy."

"So I went forward with my life and extricated myself from the group, I was in a place where I was searching for happiness and It was not to be found with this group of women," Vanderpump wrote. "It wasn't just a case of distancing myself, I was trying to emerge from under the dark cloud that had shrouded me, it was a case of protecting myself."

'RHOBH' Lisa Vanderpump Blocked Kyle Richards: 'She Threw Our Relationship Down the Toilet and I Flushed It' | Culture