'RHONYC' Season 11 Spoilers: Watch Dorinda and Luann's Feud Escalate When Cast Mate is Uninvited to Barbara's Party

Is there anything more enraging for a housewife than to be uninvited to what's surely going to be the Hampton's event of the summer? Such may be the case for Dorinda Medley on the upcoming episode of Real Housewives of New York City—all thanks to her ongoing feud with Luann de Lesseps. Click here to watch the clip.

As fans saw in the Season 11 opener, Luann and Dorinda are still on the outs following their huge blow out on Season 10. Tension hasn't necessarily smoothed over between the cast mates in the time passing, and although Luann is in a much better place—two rehab stints and 55 sober days later—when the show picks up in flashbacks to 6 months ago, she's still harnessing ill feelings towards Dorinda.

From the looks of the latest episode 2 sneak peek, Dorinda doesn't seem to be all that over their dispute either, hence why the RHONYC star fails to hold off on taking cheap shots at Luann when she learns she's been uninvited to Barbara Kavoit's Hampton's clam bake.

According to Barbara—who calls Dorinda to tell her she is, in fact, not invited to the glamorous clam bake she's been planning all summer—Luann is still in a vulnerable place, and she doesn't want to risk her friend spiraling back into drunken oblivion from Dorinda's provoking. Let Dorinda tell it, she's apologized a thousand times to Luann and is ready to let bygones be bygones.

"I spent the next four weeks apologizing and apologizing after years of complete devotion to her—devotion," Dorinda says in the clip. "And for the last six weeks, up until about three weeks ago, Luann has been bashing me in every press, every podcast… Ramona [Singer] kept saying take the high road."

Bethenny Frankel, who is beside Barbara as she bears the bad news to Dorinda, can barely contain her discomfort over the situation while later in the clip, Barbra ridicules Dorinda for always playing the victim, especially in her feud with Luann.

"You know what Dorinda's problem is? She can't look in the mirror and say, 'I'm wrong.' She always has an excuse for everything, and she's her own worst enemy," Barbara says during a confessional.

Dorinda may not be the only housewife not invited to Barbara's shindig in protection of Luann though. Ramona also seems to have made it on the no invite list too.

'RHONYC' Season 11 Spoilers: Watch Dorinda and Luann's Feud Escalate When Cast Mate is Uninvited to Barbara's Party | Culture