Realtor's Brutally Honest $25K Home Listing: 'Bring Your Dumpster'

A $25,000 Iowa house has gone on the market with a brutally honest listing overview in the hopes it will help make a buyer snap it up.

When a unique Keokuk property with creaky floorboards, weeds growing into the home and "plenty of leaks" went onto the market, listing agent Laura Bailey said she needed to think of a new way to sell it.

On paper, an almost 1,800 sqft, three-bedroom and one-bathroom property going for $25,000 could sound like the perfect passion project for someone willing to do a fair amount of renovating.

The owners told Bailey they wanted to shift the property in a hurry, according to Realtor, a real estate listing website.

Taking an unusual approach, Bailey pointed out the flaws in the house - adding a twist of humor.

The brutally honest overview on Zillow started: "If you like the outdoors, you will love the missing windows, allowing a cool breeze to flow through the home, saving on energy bills."

It continued: "If you are a fan of horror flicks and supernatural, you will love the creepy feel this home has with all the creaky boards, cold walls and the haunted exterior look with broken siding, weeds growing into the home and save time scraping off the lead-based paint, being half of it is missing.

"If you like sleep listening to the sound of water, this basement comes with plenty of leaks. The kitchen is suitable for the buyer who does not like to cook, the owner took the appliances and floor, but left behind pots and pans in case you have a change of heart."

The frank description of the house concluded: "If you think someone else's trash is another person's treasure, then bring your dumpster, they left all of their trash behind for you."

Explaining how she came to the conclusion to take the unusual approach, Bailey said it was done with the help of her teenage children.

She told Realtor, a real estate listing website: [The owner] really needed it to sell very quickly. My teenagers were sitting there with me, and I said, 'I have to do something with this listing, and I don't know what to do.'"

Her solution has drawn a lot of attention to the property and as of Sunday morning, more than 16,880 people had seen the listing.

Bailey told the website: "Why not just throw it out there and be honest and put some fun into it."

Newsweek has contacted Zillow for comment.

The house is on the market
The house went on the markey with an unusual listing. In these photos, the house can be seen on the listing website Zillow. Zillow