Reba McEntire Entertains Internet by Joining in on Viral Soundtrack Trend

Reba stopped airing 14 years ago but has found itself at the center of a TikTok trend all these years later. It's a trend that singer and actress Reba McEntire has even got involved with, and the internet has been loving it.

The American sitcom aired between 2001 and 2007 and starred McEntire as the divorced mother protagonist. The show followed the storyline of Reba, a newly-single mom working hard to keep her family of teen children afloat amid continuing hurdles.

On TikTok, the show's theme song has become a popular audio, with users sound-tracking themselves doing menial tasks that make them feel like responsible adults just like a mother, including unloading the groceries alone, refilling the water filter in the fridge and doing the "hip thing" when holding a laundry basket.

The theme song, "I'm a Survivor," includes the lyrics: "A single mom who works two jobs, who loves her kids and never stops, with gentle hands and a heart of a fighter. I'm a survivor."

With over 36,000 videos using the song, the trend is rapidly becoming one of the most popular on TikTok at the moment, and even McEntire herself has got in on the joke.

In a video shared to her official TikTok account, the actress carried buckets of food to her donkeys, only to be snubbed when attempting to feed them. "When it's time to feed your donkeys and they're not the least bit impressed," she wrote.

McEntire turned to the camera at the end and lip-synced the words "I'm a Survivor" to the camera.

In just a day, the video has gained over 13 million views and 3.2 million likes.


When it’s time to feed your donkeys and they’re not the least bit impressed #ImASurvivor #Donkeys #FarmLife #Reba #CountryGirl

♬ I'm A Survivor - Reba McEntire

"The fact she knows and gets it and then does it. I love you," commented one pleased viewer.

"Reba for president," joked another.

"Alright y'all pack it up, the trend is over, she won," commented a TikTok user.

The video even made its way across other social media platforms too, with Twitter users giving their takes on it after she tweeted: "Heard there might be a little trend going over on TikTok."

Similarly to TikTok viewers, Twitter fans proclaimed that McEntire "won" the trend with her video.

Reba McEntire jumping on the “Reba” tiktok trend just makes me happy tbh

— Spencer Althouse (@SpencerAlthouse) July 26, 2021

Ok Reba won 👑

— p i m 🍓 (@pim5im) July 26, 2021

Currently obsessing over Reba jumping on her own tiktok trend.

Also, this theme song is a banger and gets stuck in my head frequently.

— Brittany Rubinstein (@BrittRubinstein) July 27, 2021

Reba made this tiktok and I’m not ok. I love that woman her and Barbra Jean raised me lowkey

— saseeME (@deecdubz) July 27, 2021

McEntire isn't the only celebrity to recognize her own song on TikTok, and subsequently send the app into overdrive. In June, Avril Lavigne went viral after posting a video to "Sk8r Boi" with the OG skater boy himself, Tony Hawk.

The video gained over 29 million views, and like the Reba theme song, had TikTok users reliving their youth with the nostalgic song.

Reba McEntire at the CMAs
Honoree Reba McEntire performs onstage during the 50th Academy of Country Music Awards at AT&T Stadium on April 19, 2015 in Arlington, Texas. McEntire has gone viral after joining on her very own TikTok trend. Ethan Miller/Getty Images