Recline, Then Rev It Up At Singapore's Supperclub

A 21st-century twist on the ancient Roman practice of reclining to eat, Supperclub has just opened a branch of its restaurant-cum-club in Singapore.

Setting: A dimly lit bar overlooks the legendary Raffles Hotel through red-tinted windows, contrasting sharply with the modern, all-white dining space, decked out with tables set in raised mattresses and large comfy cushions.

Concept: The three-hour five-course meal starts at about 8:30. There is only one service each night and no options (though the menu changes weekly and the server will check for allergies or food dislikes). During dinner, performance artists take to the central dance floor, often inviting diners to join in. Afterward, the DJs turn up the volume so clubbers can dance the night away.

Food: The contemporary European fare includes dishes like smoked salmon salad with a champagne sauce and tuna with risotto, though some are given an Asian kick; a delicious mushroom soup is prepared with ginger and lemongrass. The witty presentation adds to the quirkiness; soup is served in a beer glass, and crème bruleé presented in an ashtray.

Drink: With couples cozying up and groups of young execs making the most of their expense accounts, Moët & Chandon and Dom Pérignon flow freely.