'Red Dead 2' Legendary Bear Walkthrough: Location, Tips and Reward

The Legendary Bear in Red Dead Redemption 2 is just a small part of the story. Dutch and his gang (including you, Arthur Morgan) had a hard go of it in this, the winter of 1899. After a disastrous heist in Blackwater, not only have you lost a couple men, but have to now hide in broken-down shacks, waiting for the mountain passes to thaw enough to unstick your wagons. But soon enough you'll find your way down, out of the mountains, to Horseshoe Overlook, a great place to hideout in the woods near the town of Valentine. And sure, you can go into town, be a roustabout, hold up a general store, get drunk, but you can also indulge a bit of the slow life now that your survival is no longer imperilled. How about a nice two-day hunt with your mentor, Hosea?

Once the camp at Horseshoe Overlook is set up and you've scoped out Valentine, you'll be able to find Hosea past the horse stands. In town, he's stolen a map pointing to the location of gigantic Legendary Animals. Would you like to go hunting a mottled, half-ton bear?

How to Prepare for the Legendary Bear Hunt

To prepare for this mission, you'll want shotgun ammo and repeater ammo. You can go all out on this, maybe make some split ammunition at a campfire (you'll get a recipe for varmint ammo later, which doesn't damage skins, but it's unnecessary for Legendary Animals). But it's not really necessary.

The key preparations are two-fold. First, make sure you have a warm outfit equipped to your horse. I got caught in the rain waiting out a Wanted timer while hunting the Legendary Bear—it gets cold up in them mountains. Second, make sure you've got stuff to max out your Dead Eye. You won't have time for it to replenish, so your Dead Eye core is less important than just having a full meter at the ready. Chewing Tobacco and Snake Oil are good for this.

But be forewarned, you may want to hold off hunting Legendary Animals until you've been to Saint Denis (you can buy a train ticket at the station, look for the envelope icon on the map of Valentine), because only the big-city trapper can put a Legendary Animal pelt to good use.

Get the Legendary Animal Map

Red Dead Redemption 2_20181026143505
The Legendary Animal Map. Rockstar Games

The first time, you'll just be following Hosea up to a lake called O'Creagh's Run. There's the Veteran's Homestead, plus some other prospectors and trappers up around the lake and they're quite touchy. Best not to stir up trouble, because if the law is about, the Legendary Animal will hide.

What you do with Hosea is good practice for future hunts, including getting in the habit of setting up a camp near enough to the hunting grounds.

Hosea will soon give you a map which shows the general region for Legendary Animals, including a bison, elk, moose, wolf and more. It can be found in your Satchel under Documents, then Maps.

Once you've run into the bear, you won't need the Legendary Animal map again to find it. Just look at your main map for a bear reared up on its hind legs, a crown floating just above its head.

The Legendary Bear (king!) can be found northwest of O'Creagh's Run. Rockstar Games

Bait and Track Your Prey

After prepping and laying bait with Hosea, the Legendary bear will pounce. You'll have just a second to get off a few rounds and scare it away. Hosea hides behind a rock. After the encounter, he decides to pack it in, but you can stay and finish hunting the bear.

If you've just encountered the bear with Hosea, tracking is simple from here. Just enter Eagle Eye from where you're standing after he's left and look uphill. You should see a shimmering yellow swirl ahead up the hill. Follow it, examine the broken sticks or bear dung, then hit R1 when in Eagle Eye to make the tracks visible. The 1,000-pound brute won't be far.

If you're returning later, head toward the bear emblem on the map. You should be able to pick up the yellow swirl scent with Eagle Eye once you're a bit off the main trail and heading toward that map logo.

Make the Kill and Claim the Pelt

The Legendary Bear rears up to confront you and Hosea in "Red Dead Redemption 2." Rockstar Games

This can be as hard or as easy as you want. I'd suggest using the carbine, just because you can get off a lot of rounds in Dead Eye, peppering the bear's side. However, two shotgun blasts to the face will do the trick, just don't miss because the Legendary Bear will be right on top of you. With Legendary Animals, the state of the skin isn't a concern as in normal hunting scenarios, where it's easy to ruin the skins with bullet overkill.

There doesn't seem to be a way to be too sneaky on this. The bear is up a hillside cut and will charge you. High ground didn't help. Just activate Dead Eye when the bear is no longer obscured by foliage and fully visible, then you should be fine.

Sell the pelt to the trapper and he'll craft a unique outfit.