'Red Dead 2' Gold Bar Glitch: Infinite Money From Infinite Gold Bars

Red Dead Redemption 2 features a number of ways for players to earn money. However, in a world where many items cost less than five dollars, you don't need that much to get by. But if you want to totally customize your guns and have the freshest clothes, you're going to need some cash. Thankfully, savvy redditors already found a way to break Red Dead 2 and get unlimited funds.

Get infinite money in Red Dead Redemption 2 with this gold bar glitch Rockstar

The glitch was originally posted by user MagnusTS, but user hoedoor101001110 provided additional steps and clarity to the process. It might take a few tries, but follow these steps for unlimited gold bars:

  1. Turn off autosave
  2. Make sure you have no bounties
  3. Find the destroyed town of Limpany, just north of Flatneck Station and east of the Dakota River
  4. Find the Sheriff's office in Limpany
  5. Find the lockbox under the desk in the Sheriff's office
  6. Open the lockbox, but don't take anything out yet
  7. Position yourself over the lockbox until you see the prompt to loot the gold bar
  8. Manually save the game, then quit out to the main menu
  9. Load the save file you just made to get back into your game
  10. You should be able to loot as many gold bars as you can hold (30)
  11. Sell the gold bars in Saint Denis at the Fence for $500 each
  12. If you want more money, return to the lockbox and close it
  13. Reopen the lockbox and more gold bars should appear

These steps can be repeated until you have all the money you could ask for. Again, there aren't very many expensive items in Red Dead 2, so you shouldn't need that much cash.

If you want to exploit this glitch, act quickly. It's likely Rockstar will fix it in a future patch. We don't know when the first post-launch update is coming from Rockstar, but it should arrive relatively soon, fixing any major bugs and glitches players have found.

So what do you think? Are you going to make yourself flush with cash in Red Dead Redemption 2? Have you found yourself needing the additional money, or do the main missions payout enough for your liking? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.