'Red Dead 2' Gunslinger Mission Walkthrough: Black Belle, Flaco Hernandez and Other Locations

The Red Dead Redemption 2 gunslinger missions is not connected directly to Dutch and his gang, but one of the stories Arthur Morgan finds when he bumps into people throughout the countryside who need his assistance. So-called Stranger missions, visible on the map as a big question mark in a white search area, are similar to the main Red Dead 2 missions, often taking Arthur across the map to multiple destinations. For most players, their first encounter with a Stranger mission comes in the town of Valentine, where a visit to a rundown bar on the edge of town, Keane's Saloon, will lead Arthur to Theodore Levin and the Stranger mission The Noblest of Men, and a Woman.

Levin is a writer chronicling the exploits of famous gunslinger Jim "Boy" Calloway, but because his subject spends much of his time passed out drunk, Levin is desperate for more material to flesh out his book. Luckily for Levin, you'll do just about anything for money.

Levin equips Arthur with a camera and four photos. Access the photos under "Documents" in your satchel, examine them and be sure to flip them over to read the biographical details on the back. Doing so will activate the gunslinger on your map. You can visit the gunslingers in any order.

Red Dead 2 Gunslinger Location - Billy Midnight

Midnight can be found by going to the Rhodes train station and talking to the ticket agent behind the counter. He'll direct you to board a train and check the bar car. Yep, Midnight is another washed up, gin-soaked gunfighter.

He also has a very guilty conscience and will run from Arthur's questions. Follow him through the cars and to the top of the train. Once he's cornered, Billy will draw down on Arthur. And so…

A Brief Aside: How to Duel

You'll really want to shoot Emmet Granger in the face shortly after meeting him. Rockstar Games

Dueling has two stages in Red Dead 2. First, hold the R2 button down (we're talking PS4 here), but not all the way. This charges up your Dead Eye—the more the meter fills, the more time you'll have to aim after you both draw. Once the meter's full or near full, press down R2 all the way. This will draw your weapon. Time to be quick on the draw. Aim as fast possible and press R2, fully, again to fire. Don't worry about lining up the perfect headshot, all that matters is that you shoot them, center mass, before they shoot you.

Once Billy's dead, get out your new camera (it's in the item wheel, in the same slot as your binoculars). You'll want a full-body image, but close enough that Billy's face is clearly visible. Notifications will let you know when you've got it right.

Here's the important part: Pick up Billy's gun! Rather than a Colt six-shooter, Billy prefers a German mauser with low damage and a high rate of fire. The worst part about Midnight's pistol is that it requires specialized ammo. Don't worry, better guns are ahead.

Midnight's Pistol is probably my favorite of the 'The Noblest of Men, And a Woman' weapons Rockstar/Newsweek

Unlike other weapons you'll pick up in Red Dead 2 missions, there's no coming back for the unique gunslinger pistols, so make sure to lift 'em before leaving the scene of the crime.

Red Dead 2 Gunslinger Location - Emmet Granger

This guy is a real jerk. You can find Emmet by Flat Iron Lake. Granger will promise stories of his Wild West exploits in exchange for shoveling his pigsty, but reneges. After Arthur ruins his day, it's finally time to duel.

Just as with Billy, make sure you get a good picture and don't leave behind Granger's pistol.

A look at Granger's Revolver in Red Dead Redemption 2 Rockstar/Newsweek

Red Dead 2 Gunslinger Location - Black Belle

Get ready to get muddy, because Black Belle has a hideout deep in Bluewater Marsh, north of St. Denis.

Unlike with Granger and Midnight, Belle isn't in a hurry to kill you. Instead, she'll enlist you to help fend off a small army of bounty hunters on her tail. This is a large-scale gunfight with a few twists. Belle has booby-trapped the surrounding swamp, so make sure to stick mostly to her porch and make liberal use of the explosive plungers. The biggest priority should be the gatling gun that pulls up to the front of the house. Save your Dead Eye for whoever is operating the mounted, rapid-fire weapon, because a few different bounty hunters are likely to hop behind its gunsights through the course of the encounter.

After the fight, Black Belle will grab her bug-out bag and abandon her swamp hideout. But first she'll pose for a picture. (I didn't try to kill her to check for a unique weapon, but might be worth the attempt!)

Black Belle posing for Arthur outside her Bluewater Marsh hideout. Rockstar Games

Make sure to check out Belle's shack, because there are some provisions and Cigarette Card inside.

Red Dead 2 Gunslinger Location - Flaco Hernandez

Flaco is up near where you started the game, so be sure to dress warm. Rockstar Games

Unlike the other gunfighters, who have largely retired or gone into hiding, Flaco is still on the rampage. You can find him holed up with his gang of raiders high up in the Grizzly Mountains, which means you'll definitely want your winter wear.

Before dueling Flaco, you'll first have to kill his cronies. In addition to Flaco's Revolver, a great gun, make sure to search his cabin for The Poisonous Trail Treasure Map.

Flaco's Revolver is pretty cool in Red Dead Redemption 2 Rockstar/Newsweek

You've done everything Levin's asked of you, heard many tales of Calloway's cowardice and self-promotional nature, but suddenly there's no one to report to at Keane's! Chances are you've killed all the gunslingers too early in the game. Revisit Keane's once you're in Chapter 4 of the main story and the bartender will send you to meet Levin and Calloway on the Grand Korrigan riverboat in Saint Denis.

You'll be given a final target: legendary gunfighter Slim Grant.

Red Dead 2 Gunslinger Location - Slim Grant

Start with the sheriff's office in Annesburg to track down Grant, who's hiding out at a bandit camp along the Kamassa River. Rescue Slim from the bandits and take him to the final waypoint to trigger the end of the Stranger Gunslinger Mission.