'Red Dead Online' Battle Royale Vs. 'Fortnite': How Does 'Make it Count' Compare?

Red Dead Redemption is just a few days away from opening its online mode to players around the world. Whether you're a lone cowboy riding on a steely horse or a group of bandits looking to loot a posse, there's something for you. Even if you're looking for yet another Battle Royale experience. One of the more interesting modes coming to RD Online is "Make it Count," a Western take on the traditional battle royale formula.

How does Red Dead's Make It Count mode compare to the kings of the battle royale formula like Fortnite and Playerunknown's Battlegrounds?

Red Dead Online Battle Royale

Players who log-in to Red Dead Online will have access to a few brand new modes, like Most Wanted, Hostile Territory and Name Your Weapon. Make It Count brings up to 32 players on a single map, arming them with nothing but a bow and arrow and throwing knives. Fighting on the Strawberry, Stillwater Creek and Tall Trees maps, players have to use their cunning and aim to be the last outlaw standing. As the game progresses, the map gets progressively smaller, forcing confrontation.

Throwing knives arc when thrown, rewarding smart players with exceptional aim. There are no rocket launchers blowing up with AOE damage, so winning requires precision and patience. The bow and arrow can be used from far away, but is hard to utilize in up-close confrontations.

The Make it Count gameplay is the simplest battle royale mode in any modern online game. There's no Fortnite building, Call of Duty gliders or PUBG cars, just a player and their silent weapons. Each match lasts 10 minutes, with players remaining hidden from others until they strike. Make It Count does away with the glitz and glamor of Fortnite and focuses on the fundamentals. If you die, it's because the other guy (or gal) had better aim or patience than you. This mode might not be as popular with players who are used to Fortnite's outrageous mechanics, but those looking for a bare bones challenge will have an absolute blast.

Red Dead Online manages to create a unique take on the tired battle royale formula, which isn't something easy to do. And this is just the start, odds are very good Rockstar begins to tweak the mode and add content as time goes by. If any Rockstar game mode had esports or pro play potential, it's Make it Count.