'Red Dead Online' Free Gold Bars: Here's How To Claim Gift From Rockstar

Rockstar Games is giving out free gold bars to beta players of Red Dead Online and there's still time for new players to get in on the gift.

On Thursday Rockstar released Title Update 1.05, which includes "general improvements to fix game stability, save data and to address exploits." Now, to thank players for their "continued support, patience and detailed feedback," Rockstar will be handing out cash and gold bars to Red Dead Online beta players. Here's how to score.

'Red Dead Online' Beta Players Gold Reward

All players of the Red Dead Online beta will be gifted 15 gold bars, beginning Friday. All gold bars should be delivered to players by Monday, December 24th. You'll know you've received your gold bar reward when you've received notification on the alert screen seen when entering the Red Dead Online.

But here's the great part for new players. Anyone who plays Red Dead Online by Thursday, December 20 is eligible, meaning Red Dead Redemption 2 players have nearly a week to try out the multiplayer mode and secure themselves a small fortune of their own.

'Red Dead Online' Beta Players Cash Gift

This one is exclusive to players who pre-ordered Red Dead Redemption 2 or purchased either Special or Ultimate editions. Starting Friday, December 21, Red Dead Online beta players will be rewarded the cash gift, depending on their purchase status.

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 Special Edition buyers: RDO$100
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition buyers: RDO$1,000
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 pre-orders: RDO$100 (stacks with Ultimate and Special Edition rewards)

Cash gifts will be added automatically to your character's balance.

The Red Dead Online free gold bars reward and cash gifts are partially aimed at player complaints regarding the online beta's stingy economy, which made farming for gold bars an immense investment. The game's premium currency—used to buy weapons upgrades, horses and more—required farming for gold nuggets, with one hundred gold nuggets needed for every gold bar. Rockstar has already made tweaks to the in-game economy, which is likely to change even further in future updates.

Rockstar also announced upcoming updates, including new "anti-griefing measures" and gameplay balance improvements, which should begin rolling out early in 2019.