'Red Dead Online' Gameplay: Battle Royale, Story Missions And Everything Else You Can Do

Red Dead Online's beta is finally here if you have the Ultimate Edition of Red Dead Redemption 2. If you don't, you'll have to wait until the end of the week (at most) to dive into the online gameplay of Rockstar's latest game. However, what can you actually do once you start playing Red Dead Online? We have the full scoop here.

There is plenty to do in Red Dead Online already, with more content planned for after the beta period Rockstar

'Red Dead Online' Gameplay: Battle Royale Showdowns, Stories And More


The main game modes in Red Dead Online are called Showdowns. These include your common game types such as Team Shootout, as well as more unique challenges. The full list of Showdowns included in the beta are as follows:

  • Shootout and Team Shootout - It's a race to rack up the most kills. Players have unlimited lives.
  • Make It Count - a take on the battle royale genre, players fight to be the last person standing, but only have a small number of arrows and throwing knives to make kills.
  • Most Wanted - earn points for killing opponents, but the more kills you score, the higher the reward for taking you down. The person with the most points at the end of the round wins.
  • Hostile Territory - Control checkpoints to start scoring. Win by having the most points at the end of the round or by capturing all checkpoints in a map
  • Name Your Weapon - Gain points for making kills. The more difficult the weapon, the more points you will earn.


Like GTA Online, Red Dead Online includes story-driven missions provided by familiar faces. These missions can be completed by yourself or with your posse.


Players can also complete missions found on the map in Red Dead Online, either solo or with friends. These missions can be found at Stranger icons on the map. The missions will differ depending on how honorably or dishonorably you live your virtual life. For example, an honorable player will get missions to escort a convoy, whereas dishonorable players may get a mission that involves springing a criminal out of jail.


There are three race types confirmed so far, lap races, point-to-point races and open races. These are all races on horseback.


The "A Land of Opportunities" mode sounds like the name of a side campaign in Red Dead Online. This mode is built for cooperative play for two to four players, and Honor plays a major role in things. Depending on your Honor, different aspects of the multi-part missions will change.

Some aspects of Red Dead Online, such as the in-game store, will not be available during the beta. These will launch as Red Dead Online draws closer to a formal release. More details about new content included in future updates will be revealed at a later time as well.

So what do you think? Are you excited to start your adventure in Red Dead Online? Will you play as an honorable cowboy or a dishonorable bandit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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