'Red Dead Online' Collector Guide: How to Find Madam Nazar's Location In 'RDR2'

The Frontier Pursuits update to Red Dead Online lets players take on three different professions — called Roles — making money as a trader, collector or bounty hunter. While all it takes is a visit to the Legendary Bounty Hunter in Rhodes to become a Bounty Hunter, or a stop at a post office to start up your Trader business, becoming a Collector in Red Dead Redemption 2's online multiplayer mode is a little more difficult. To begin dealing in tarot cards and other collectibles, you'll first need to track down the enigmatic Madam Nazar.

How To Become A Collector in Red Dead Online

Collectors can dig up buried treasure with their trusty Pennington Field Shovel. Rockstar Games

To become a Collector players must purchase a Collector's Bag from Madam Nazar. Like other Roles, the initial investment is steep: 15 gold bars. However, players of Grand Theft Auto Online have a shot at foregoing the cost — any player who has found the 54 playing cards hidden around Los Santos has already proven their collecting acumen.

Once you have the Collector's Bag, you can begin hunting down rare items, like sets of tarot cards (Madam Nazar will buy them one at a time, but it's better to assemble the whole set first). You can also track down "sacred collection" items like a boar hair brush, eagle egg and the bone arrowhead.

As a Collector in "Red Dead Online," players can earn a lamp that attaches to their horse. Rockstar Games

Earning XP as the Collector grants players access to variants of the Lancaster Repeater and Volcanic Pistol, plus completely new tools, like the Refined Binoculars, Metal Detector and Pennington Field Shovel. Collectors can also learn new skills like "Divination," which rumbles near collectibles, or the ability to collect herbs from horseback.

Madam Nazar Location

Madam Nazar operates out of a travelling cart in "Red Dead Online." Rockstar Games

Unlike the two other Roles now available in Red Dead Online after the Frontier Pursuits update, there's no single location to visit in order to get started in the job. Madam Nazar is a nomad. On September 10, the day the update was released, Madam Nazar could be found near O'Creagh's Run, the mountain lake west of Annesburg where players take on a bear in the Red Dead Redemption 2 campaign. On Wednesday, Nazar was spotted near Thieves' Landing, south of the railroad tracks that run just outside the bandit town and just north of Manteca Falls.

Madam Nazar changes locations — seemingly daily — so checking a constantly updated resource, like this Collector "Megathread" on Reddit, can be a good way to find her current location. With the update only in its second day, a replicable pattern to Madam Nazar's location changes hasn't yet been discovered.

How To Become a Trader or Bounty Hunter in Red Dead Online

While becoming a Collector will take some searching, picking up the Trader and Bounty Hunter Roles is much simpler. To become a Trader, visit a Post Office. You'll be teaming with J.B. Cripps, who runs the business out of your camp. As with other roles, it costs 15 gold bars to become a Trader, though it's free to anyone playing Red Dead Redemption 2 on PlayStation 4.

Becoming a Bounty Hunter in Red Dead Online begins with a visit to Rhodes, where you'll need to buy a Bounty Hunter License from the Legendary Bounty Hunter. As with other Roles, it costs 15 gold bars. But, same as other Roles, there's a loophole: if you linked your Twitch account with your Rockstar Games Social Club account before September 8, becoming a Bounty Hunter is free.

Of course, you don't have to choose between Bounty Hunter, Collector and Trader. As long as you have the gold, you can take on all three Roles at once. The new Frontier Pursuits update to Red Dead Online is available now.