'Red Dead Online' Offers Care Package, New Items and Elimination Series

Red Dead Online players can receive bonus care packages for one more week, purchase new clothes from the premium store and play the new Elimination Series limited-time mode. If you one of the many cowboys still exploring the virtual old west looking for a slight boost to your economy, then this is the right time to play. Nothing makes your horse-stealing and train robbing feel more thrilling than more loot.

red dead online
Rockstar Games

Hitting rank 10 or 20 by June 24 nets you two exclusive care packages. These can only be earned once. Here's what you can expect:

Level 10 Care Package

  • 20x Small Game Arrows
  • 20x Fire Arrows
  • 20x Poison Arrows
  • 5x Predator Bait
  • 5x Herbivore Bait

Level 20 Care Package

  • 3x Minty Big Game Meat
  • 3x Oregano Big Game Meat
  • 3x Thyme Big Game Meat
  • 10x Baked Beans
  • 10x Corned Beef
  • 10x Canned Salmon
  • 5x Jolly Jack's
  • 5x Cocaine Gum
  • 5x Moonshine
  • 5x Gin
  • 5x Guarma Rum
  • 5x Fine Brandy

If all that cocaine and Moonshine isn't enough to get you hyped, you can also purchase a few new pieces of clothing in the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue.

  • Lightfoot Pants- $54
  • Austin Boots- $89.25
  • Charro Jacket- $148
  • Vaquero Baroque Spurs - $69
  • Clymene Coat- $153
  • Hissy Fit emote- $280

The new Elimination Series playlist lets players access the limited time mode from the main menu and try new rules for their battle royale, Make It Count mode. You'll be able to use the bow and arrow or throwing knives to take out as many opponents as possible. Taking part in the mode will give you a 30 percent experience and a RDO$ boost. Winning a match will get you 60x High Velocity ammo for your rifle, revolver, pistol and repeater.

Are you still playing Red Dead Online? Tell us in a mailed envelope given to your local constable.