'Red Dead Online' Treasure Map Locations - How to Get Gold & Make Money

The world of Red Dead Online is still being discovered by its many players, but, just like GTA Online, the main means of progression in the game revolves around having as much money as possible. As described in our money-making guide, Treasure Maps are one of the the best ways to accrue cash quickly. We'll tell you how to get the map and locate several stashes.

The Basics of Treasure in Red Dead Online

Treasure in Red Dead Online works similarly to the maps you'll find in the main Red Dead Redemption 2 campaign. Once you get each map, analyze it and you'll be directed towards an approximate search area. Find the chest, and you'll be granted some randomized loot that typically includes money, gold bars and basic supplies.

If you have trouble finding a Chest, make sure to use your Eagle Vision by clicking in the analog sticks. Chests will visibly glow as you approach them. Controller vibrations will grow stronger as well.

Bard's Crossing Treasure Map Location

To get the Bard's Crossing Treasure map, you must first reach Rank 10 and go to any in-game Post Office. Once you manually read it, the treasure location will appear as a green highlight on your map. That provides the general area of its location, but it can spawn in one of four places.

1) In the River Area: It's on a sandbar by a huge downed tree.

Red Dead Online Bards Crossing Location 1
In the river you'll see a downed tree that may lead you toward Treasure. Rockstar Games/Gtamen @ YouTube

2) On the side of a Cliff: Look for a large tree as well.

Red Dead Online Bards Crossing Location 2
The cliffs shown here are another possible Treasure spawn. Rockstar Games/Gtamen @ YouTube

3) Eastern Cliffs: Go south of the train tracks and look for a wall of Rocks. You must climb to reach the top, but the treasure is there.

Red Dead Online Bards Crossing Location 3
Get to the cliffs and do a little climbing to reach the treasure here. Rockstar Games/Gtamen @ YouTube

4) On the Peninsula: Just go to the little inlet on the east side of the crossing that looks sort of like two fingers stretching out. The chest may be just where the smaller "finger" starts on the beach.

Red Dead Online Bards Crossing Location 4
The Bard's Crossing Treasure may be on the peninsula marked by the red dot. Rockstar Games/Gtamen @ YouTube

Blackbone Forest Treasure Map Locations

The Blackbone Forest map unlocks at level 15. Go to the Post Office as usual, and inspect the map to reveal its approximate location. This map has a much smaller search radius, which should make it pretty easy to find. Just use the image below, your Eagle Vision and controller vibrations to zero in on a specific spawn. The chest itself is also larger as well.

Red Dead Online Blackbone Forest Treasure Locations
Here are the four possible spawn points for the Blackbone Forest Treasure. Rockstar Games/Gtamen @ YouTube

Bluewater Marsh Treasure Map Locations

This map unlocks at Rank 20 and is also at the Post Office. It takes you to the Lagras Swamps, which means you should be weary of alligators on land as you make your initial approach. There's only one known location for this treasure so far, on the central island shown here.

Bluewater Marsh Treasure location
Find Treasure at this central island in Bluewater Marsh. Rockstar Games/Gtamen @ YouTube

Based on the other maps, it's likely to be found in other spots as well. Just use your vibrations and Eagle Vision if it's not in this exact spot.

Brandywine Drop Treasure Map Location

This one is activated just like others and is available at Rank 25. Approach the spot shown here, and you'll be directly inside the waterfalls. The chest may be on a cliff close to the water's edge.

Brandywine Drop Treasure location
In the waterfalls of Brandywine drop is another possible Treasure spawn. Rockstar Games/Gtamen @ YouTube

Another possible location is behind the waterfall itself, which can be accessed by approaching it on a path to the right.

That's all we know about Treasure Maps in Red Dead Online so far. Stay tuned as we search for more locations.

Red Dead Online is available in beta on PS4 and Xbox One.

Were you able to find Treasure locations using our maps? Are there any other spawn points we missed? Tell us in the comments section!