Man Staying at Sister's Rages as She Walks Around in Underwear, Sparks Fury

A man "horrified" that his ICU nurse sister strips down to her underwear when she gets home to prevent contaminating the house with her hospital scrubs has received backlash from users on Reddit.

In a post on Reddit's Am I The A**hole (AITA) forum, a 24-year-old nurse (under the username of Princessleiawastaken)—who works with "patients suffering from a wide variety of communicable diseases" such as COVID-19—wrote: "It's inevitable that some germs get on my clothes so I take off my scrubs the minute I get in the house. I come in through a laundry room, take off my clothes down to bra and underwear, and put the scrubs directly in the washing machine."

Her brother and sister-in-law, who are temporarily staying at the nurse's home while work is being done at the couple's place, allegedly "looked horrified" after seeing the nurse walking into her bedroom in her underwear (which was described to be "non-sexy, plain black underwear and a basic bra").

"When I got re-dressed and came out of my room my SiL [sister-in-law] had locked herself in her room and my brother was pissed off," the nurse said, with her brother yelling at her for "walking around naked" in front of them.

When the nurse pointed out she was wearing underwear, her brother claimed it was the same as being naked. The nurse also noted that the couple had seen her in more revealing bath suits "without complaint," but the brother claimed "it's different" when it's a bathing suit versus underwear.

The brother claimed the nurse "should apologize" to her sister-in-law "for making her uncomfortable and not do it again," likening the act to a "crime of flashing," the nurse said.

When the nurse said as teenagers they used to "walk around the house in just boxers all the time," and that she was "showing less skin than he was, her brother allegedly said "it's different because he's a guy."

Several users on Reddit came to the nurse's defense, saying her undressing routine "makes sense" and the couple should stay elsewhere if they cannot deal with it.

Plantsandanger said they'd understand the couple "being uncomfortable or awkward..." but "they're the AH [a**hole] for how they've acted, and how they've treated OP [original poster]. I'd be uncomfortable if my SIL walked through the house in her underwear, but the reason behind it makes so much sense."

ExcitingTabletop remarked: "Out of curiosity, why not just say "Ok, then leave if you don't like it. No one is forcing you to stay in my house" in a comment that got 2,300 upvotes.

ComprehensiveSir3892 commented: "NTA. They can always get themselves an AirBNB if it's too distressing for them. I call them choosing beggars" in a comment that got 5,900 upvotes.

Others suggested the couple should simply just look away from the sister when she passes through. ScroochDown wrote: "I mean I get being startled. I even get being uncomfortable. But they can just... look elsewhere? I assume your not creeping around like the underwear ninja. Surely they can HEAR you in the laundry room!"

The nurse said, "That's another thing I said! It only takes 30 seconds for me to walk by. They could close their eyes or just look in another direction!", in a comment that got 1,100 upvotes

Spirited_Spirit91 remarked that the brother is "being sexist, unfair and rude with how he spoke to you and you did nothing wrong. Next time maybe actually walk around naked and see how they feel then."

User coxa8c commented: "I love how when you pointed out the boxer situation it's fine because "he's a guy". Double standards are ridiculous..."

The nurse replied: "Thank you! My brother, mom, and dad have all acknowledged it's a sexist double standard, but they still think I should fold because it's "a society thing" and "makes everyone uncomfortable". Well sexism makes me uncomfortable."

All-I-See-Is-Ashes said, "NTA. Your SIL was so horrified she locked herself in her room? What a drama queen! Tell them both to shut the hell up or get out of your house! And tell your parents "your house, your rules," in a comment that got 7,900 upvotes.

Some users raised the point that the nurse should not be bringing her scrubs home in the first place, while others said many hospitals don't provide nurses with scrubs that can be laundered at work.

User MadWifeUK said: "OP, you are NTA for wearing underwear in the comfort of your own home...but you are at fault for not getting changed at work."

User chzsteak-in-paradise, who says they work "in anesthesia," said: "NTA [the a**hole)...I definitely believe the OP that she buys and launders her own scrubs. Plenty of hospitals are like this...I still think it's bad hospital policy for staff and patients and the public to have contaminated scrubs being worn to and from."

Snow5Penguin: "Even if i had to buy and wash my own scrubs, I would still never wear them home knowing I worked with sick patients all day. Especially if it was ICU work where they have serious diseases..."

Newsweek has contacted the nurse, Princessleiawastaken, for comment.

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