Mom Praised For Banning Jobless Husband and His Friends From Using Pool

Reddit users have praised a parent for kicking her husband's friends out of the pool after he promised to let their children use it.

In a viral post shared on Reddit's famous AmITheA**hole sub, which can be seen here, user Ambers666 explained her unemployed husband had been using the pool despite saying their kids could use it.

Ambers666 added that she had put money towards renovating and upgrading the pool so the children could use it, as she worked and did not have time to take them to the beach.

Having a pool is a popular choice among millions of Americans. In 2018 17.12 percent of 18-29-year-olds in the U.S. had a pool, hot tub, or spa in their home. Some 16.19 percent of 30 to 49-year-olds also had a pool and 12.97 percent of people aged between 50 to 64 said they owned one.

Stock image of an angry woman
Stock image of an angry woman standing in front of a swimming pool. The parent was praised online. Getty

However, Ambers666 has claimed her husband and his friends have "taken over" the pool and stopped the kids from using it. The kids became so upset that they complained several times about the situation, according to Ambers666.

She added: "So, what I did was talk to my husband about it and telling him to limit his friends' usage of the pool. He flipped out at me saying it's his house/water too and I can't control what he does/who he brings.

"I got mad and in return told him that tomorrow the kids get the pool or else I will ban his friends from it completely. He side-eyed me and said: 'Fine. They can have the damn pool tomorrow."

The next day, Ambers666 said her daughter was crying that her dad had once again brought his friends over.

She continued: "I was livid. I literally left work right then and went home. I sw him and his friends in the pool messing around I just screamed my head off on them telling them to get out.

"My husband tried to get involved but I told him off and had all of his friends leave. He blew up at me for acting like a lunatic and said that I was just being controlling and shameless. I said I already told him to let the kids play in the pool yet he ignored my request.

"He yelled at me saying just because I paid to fix the pool doesn't mean I own it. He then went back inside and started calling his friends one by one to apologize 'on my behalf' since he said I was too shameless to do it myself. He then left the house and hasn't been back yet."

The comment clearly resonated with people as the post was upvoted 16,700 times and attracted more than 2,510 messages since it was shared on June 20.

Many of those commenters praised the parent for taking a stand and even suggested that she should consider consulting with divorce attorneys.

One commenter said: "Yeah, I'd be looking at divorce lawyers over this. 16 months unemployed, trashing the pool with his buddies, being an a**hole to children and turning it all into a blow-out power struggle with his wife when she objects?

"What, if anything, does this man bring to a marriage that would make this relationship worth saving?"

Another Reddit user added: "Some might consider becoming a single parent and having to support two kids a difficult challenge but at this point, after getting a divorce, OP (original poster) would actually probably save money and the trouble of supporting a third child. NTA (not the a**hole)."

A third posted: "Yeah, how much you wanna bet that in those 16 months of being unemployed OP still had to do the majority of cleaning and the parenting? Sounds like he's trying to set himself up as a s**** trophy husband without the consent of the person bankrolling his life."

While a fourth user simply commented: "He's acting like a child himself."

Newsweek has contacted Ambers666 for comment.

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