Internet Drags Man Who Refused to Drive Wife's Injured Child to Hospital

A man kicked out of a hospital by his wife after refusing to drive her injured daughter there "because he was upset" has received a storm of backlash from users on Reddit.

According to the wife—user throwrah56977 who shared the incident in a post on Reddit's Am I The A*****e (AITA) forum where it received over 10,000 upvotes—her 14-year-old daughter has had "abandonment" and "trust issues" after her biological father and her uncle (who was like a father to her) both passed away. She has been unable to "easily open up about her feelings" unless it's to someone close to her, the user said.

The daughter said she doesn't see the user's husband as a father figure but has been polite and kind towards him, as per the user.

A couple arguing near a car.
A couple arguing outdoors next to a car. A husband who refused to drive his wife's injured kid to the hospital as he was "upset" with them has been berated by users on Reddit. iStock/Getty Images Plus

According to a study published in May 2021, led by East Carolina University anthropologist Ryan Schacht and researchers from the University of Utah, "parental mortality has a negative effect" on children younger than 18 years old, especially infants who lose their mother.

A study published in March 2021 in the Journal of Family Issues indicated that stepparents "perceived their stepchildren more strongly as their own children" if the stepchildren lived with them before they turned 18, while "stepparents claimed their stepchildren more strongly if they entered their current union when the stepchildren were still young children."

The study also showed that "married stepparents perceived their stepchildren more as their own children than cohabiting stepparents."

Despite being told to give the daughter some space and that "she'll come around on her own terms," the husband from the latest AITA post kept doing everything he could to try to get close to his wife's daughter and get her to open up to him.

His attempts affected the daughter's mental health because "she felt like he was forcing a relationship," the user said.

At one point, the user found out he "snooped on her therapy," which led to a huge fight between the couple. He "apologized profoundly" and after that argument, he "stopped doing anything" for the daughter, such as giving her gifts or playing video games with her. "I wanted to ask but he said no one is entitled to a gift or his free time," the user said.

Then one day the daughter hurt her ankle after falling off some stairs and "was in a lot of pain." When the user asked her husband to take her daughter to the hospital, "his response was that since he is not her dad then he didn't have to do anything for her," according to the user.

He then allegedly hung up on his wife knowing she can't drive for medical reasons and can't afford to call an ambulance.

According to the user, her mother-in-law ended up driving her and her daughter to the hospital, where the husband later showed up. His mother must have given him "grief" for refusing to help as he turned up "looking worried and acting like he cared," the user said.

The wife demanded that he leave as "he had no right to come and act worried" after ignoring them when they were in "dire need" of help.

The husband then argued back, crying and swearing on his mother that her daughter is "the light of his life and that he refused to help because he was upset with us," the user said. He begged to be allowed to stay but the user insisted he leave.

His mother told the user that her son "didn't mean to ignore" them and that "he really loves" the daughter, to which the wife replied: "This attitude isn't acceptable, imagine if I needed him for something more serious and he decided to ignore us because he felt hurt?"

The husband tried sending flowers and new electronic devices, which have all been returned. He's been pleading with the user to "let it go," adding that she's "punished him enough by kicking him out of the hospital."

According to Schacht from the aforementioned May 2021 study: "The metrics of what makes a family successful—household stability, relationship stability and economic stability­—are achieved by stepparents investing in their stepchildren to make that a reality. Coming in with an antagonistic approach doesn't make sense if stepparents want their relationship to succeed."

Several Redditors from the latest AITA post, which has received over 1,100 comments since it was shared, have criticized the "immature" and "useless" husband for his "sulking" behavior and the other "red flags" he revealed in the latest incident.

User Stoat__King wrote: "So he puts sulking ahead of you [your] daughter's health. Your daughter who he claims is 'the light of his life'. His crying sounds like crocodile tears. NTA [not the a*****e], obviously. To hell with him. He is useless."

Stoat__King added "who cares" if the husband allegedly didn't mean to ignore his wife and her daughter. "He DID ignore you, when there was a medical emergency. And it wasn't an accident or an oversight, it was a conscious decision," in a comment that received 16,300 upvotes at the time of writing.

User lotus_eater123 pointed out that "[h]is tune only changed when his Mommy was mad at him," in a comment that received 7,400 upvotes.

Lawlesseyes said the husband "is so erratic with his attitude" and "has no respect" for the daughter or boundaries and also "plays victim even when it's his fault," in a comment that got 1,400 upvotes.

User StickyAction wrote: "And why was he sulking? Because OPs [original poster] daughter who has lost two fathers/father figures is scared of getting attached to and losing a third one. She is scared of loving him like a father and him suddenly not being there for her anymore...

"And what does he do when he doesn't get his way as quickly as he wants it? he stops being there for her in a petty hissy fit he doesn't keep showing her love and support at her own pace, letting her know he's there for her, he abandons her once again making her fear a reality. OP you are NTA, but your husband is."

Ksjonesy2418 said the post was "full of red flags" about the husband, from "forcing himself into the fatherly role" to promising the wife "everything under the sun to make it all better," in a comment that received 165 upvotes.

User peppermintplant said: "He just sounds really f***ing immature, and like the kind of person who has always gotten his way before and doesn't know how to handle it when he's told no for the first time in his life."

User docasj agreed, noting: "He has the emotional maturity of a 3 year old. Loves you until he hates you because you did something to upset him. This man should not be married yet, he has a lot of growing up to do still."

Newsweek has contacted throwrah56977 for comment.