Dad Praised for Making Stepson Walk Home After Harassing Woman

An anonymous stepdad gained traction online after confessing to kicking his wife's son out of his car on the latter's engagement night.

According to the stepfather, the young man had been catcalling a woman from the inside of his car, leading to the confrontation between the pair.

The stepdad shared his anecdote to popular Subreddit "Am I the A**hole" where users turn to find the opinions of others on a conflicting personal issue. In just a day, the post gained over 20,000 votes—with seemingly one unanimous deciding conclusion.

In the post, the anonymous man explained that his 23-year-old stepson, whose name has been changed by Newsweek to James, recently got engaged to his fiancée who comes from a "highly conservative family and they both won't live together until after marriage."

The stepdad drove James and his friend to and from the engagement party, which "went quite well" until they stopped at a store on the way home.

"James and Jack kept laughing then this young lady walked towards us cause her car was parked next to mine in the parking lot. James kept trying to speak to her while she was trying to load her stuff in the car. He and Jack kept throwing words at her and she seemed annoyed," he recalled. "Jack then said 'hey he wants to look at that a**,' then James said 'let me see it jiggle, baby.'"

"I was appalled," noted the stepdad. "I told them both to knock it off but then James sarcastically replied 'relax, I was just giving her a compliment, bet she doesn't get many of those often.'"

The post added that the man "started arguing" with the stepson and his friend about their behavior, especially on his engagement night. After a comment was made about the stepdad's car, he said he "lost it" and told both to get out immediately.

After returning, the mom sided with her son, explained the stepdad. "I replied that her son can't be harassing other women on the way back from his engagement party but she kept defending him. I told her to either stay or get in the car. She did and I drove off," he wrote.

Man and son arguing
Stock image of a man and younger man arguing. A stepfather gained traction online after confessing to kicking his wife's son out of his car on the latter's engagement night. Getty Images

"James didn't come home and my wife gave me hell for it. We later found out that he was staying at one of his guy friends places. From what I understand, he's pissed at me and refuses to see me. My wife said it was my fault, I escalated the situation over some stupid s**t boys his age do all the time. I told her he can't do this while in my car but she took it as if I was holding it over his head. She said I should've never made him walk the night of his engagement and demanded that I apologize to him."

James' alleged behavior is far from unique. A survey from nonprofit Stop Street Harassment found that 45 percent of 916 female respondents said they'd been a target of sexist comments in public at least 25 times in their life, while 94 percent said they had been whistled at and a further 45 percent had been honked at.

Although Stop Street Harassment's research was conducted in 2008, it appears little has changed. A 2021 YouGov survey found that 97 percent of respondents aged 18 to 24 had been sexually harassed in public spaces and 70 percent of women of all ages had experienced it too.

Perhaps it is this reality, which the numbers illustrate, that contributed to the response to the stepdad's plea for opinions online, deciding that he was "not the a**hole."

For most, the description of the behavior as "stupid boy s**t" left a sour taste, as they dubbed it "harassment not stupid boy s**t."

"This is not stupid boy stuff, this is hateful, degrading, and creates a dangerous environment for women. Men like that know they aren't complimenting women, they like seeing them squirm. It's wrong on any day, not just an engagement day," wrote one user.

One user noted that true "stupid boy s**t" is "mud wrestling with your same-age friends and breaking your plastic mini-pool because you had a couple beers," rather than "sexually harassing someone. At any age. On any occasion. 10 times more so when you're past your teens, 100 times more when you're on your engagement night."

Some users urged the poster to alert the wife-to-be, writing: "I don't know about you, but as a fiancee, I would absolutely need to be aware about my future husband's disgusting behavior because I would refuse to get married to such a misogynistic a**hole."

"My son wouldn't come home. The door would be locked. He'd already know," added another user.

Update 2/23/22, 9:43 a.m. ET: This article was updated to include a picture.