Man Evicting Nieces After They 'Humiliated' Wife With Cancer Praised Online

A husband's decision to evict his sister and nieces from his home has been widely supported online after their alleged mistreatment of his wife.

According to a popular Reddit post, the two 16-year-old teens hid his wife's wig in a bid to see her without it on. The wife is currently a cancer patient and lost her hair from chemotherapy, leaving her "incredibly insecure about it" and choosing to wear the wig around family and friends.

The husband shared his dilemma about what to do after finding out what his nieces had been up to as well details on how his wife had reacted to the popular Subreddit "Am I the A**hole," where users go to seek advice on tricky situations.

"My sister lost her apartment after a messy divorce and moved in with her twin daughters [16] almost a month ago," wrote the anonymous man. "Things [have] been going well except my nieces' constant remarks about my wife's wig. They got so hung up on it and kept asking lots of questions about it.

"They asked to take turns to try it on, suggested they straighten it with the straightener and so on which was exhausting. They even pressured her to see her without it but my wife was uncomfortable and refused.

"Yesterday I got home and found that my wife was locking herself in the bedroom and crying," he added. "I asked what happened, she told me she woke up and couldn't find her wig, then discovered my nieces took it and hid, then urged her to come out so they could see her without it. My wife repeatedly asked them to give it back but they started laughing and recording. My wife had to lock the door to keep a distance because they didn't stop."

'Lighthearted Prank'

After he confronted them, the man claimed his nieces dubbed the whole event a "lighthearted prank," while his sister said the wife was simply "being too sensitive" and that her daughters were just curious.

"I lashed out telling them they humiliated my wife and embarrassed her by taking away her wig," he wrote. "She [sister] saw nothing wrong in it and said I overreacted as well."

"I lost it on her too and told her she and my nieces are no longer welcome to stay at my home and they needed to leave," wrote the man. "I later let them know about the eviction since they thought I wasn't serious and they started crying begging that I let it go. But my wife is no longer comfortable around them after what they did."

Evicted family
File photo of a family being evicted from their home. Getty Images

According to Rocket Lawyer, most family members who reside in a house are treated as a regular tenant in the eyes of the law. Most states, they explain, have exceptions for family members the homeowner has a duty of support for, including spouses and minor children—but few extend this to grandparents and siblings.

Rocket Lawyer also notes that if there is no official lease of agreement of rent, family members are simply considered a guest. If a guest is no longer welcome and remains at the property, it could be classed as trespassing.

Unsurprisingly, the post induced intense reactions from shocked users, who rushed to defend the man and his decision to evict the family members.

"You accepted them into your home and they disrespected both you and your wife. They made your wife feel uncomfortable and humiliated in her own home, which is completely unacceptable. The daughters are 16 years old so they should certainly know that it isn't just a harmless prank. Continue with the eviction," recommended one user.

Another user compared their behavior to that of a toddler, writing: "Taking/hiding the wig out of curiosity for what she looks like while bald? Yeah, okay, I could see a toddler do that (if lacking proper supervision), they don't necessarily understand the impact of their actions, or the seriousness of cancer. (A teenager, not so much--those should and most do know better)."

"Hiding it while laughing, trying to get her to come out sans wig and filming her, and continuing long past the point where it's clear OP's wife was genuinely upset? Nope, can't see a toddler doing that."

"I think you would have been [the a**hole] if you had not evicted them," added another user. "This was cruel, done on purpose, and not at all OK. They need to be out. Your poor wife! I am so happy she has you on her side to protect her. There was no other answer. They are no longer welcome."

The anonymous husband circled back round in response to the support, describing his nieces' behavior as "unfathomable."

"I feel mostly horrible for how my wife is feeling right now. This subject in particular has brought her enough grief already. I kept reassuring her there's nothing to be insecure about but what happened ruined any progress we made," he wrote.

Women crying
A file photo of two young women crying. Getty Images

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