Grocery Store Worker's Hilarious Formal Resignation Viewed 100,000 Times

Handing in your resignation letter at work can make for an awkward moment, but one grocery store worker injected some humor into the painful experience.

Reddit user s1mps0n24 was informed by his manager at British grocery store giant Tesco that he would need to hand in a formal resignation letter if he wished to leave. The worker however took the order to a very literal level, with a renaissance-worthy display.

"After telling my work that I am leaving, they said I must make a formal resignation letter. So in response I went all out," he wrote when sharing the video to Reddit, where it gained over 119,000 votes in just two days.

In the video, the suited worker handed the envelope, which was wax-sealed, to another man in a suit who began to read it out loud. The worker stood upon a step with a cane while the order was read aloud.

"To whomever it may concern. I write this letter from a place of sorrow and regret," he began. "These six long, arduous years have caused me to grow quite weary. Whilst I have reveled and labored with my subordinates, my knees have grown weak, and the grease on my elbows has depleted."

"This is not for every man to accept large packages into their backdoor. Nevertheless, it was my duty," he added, nodding towards his role receiving deliveries for the store.

After thanking "Steve, the emperor of this fine establishment," the letter continued: "You have raised the bar for your predecessor infinitely. To say his name will be remembered is a grotesque overstatement. I finish this letter with many thanks to my former comrades and I hereby submit my formal resignation."

Much to the delight of many viewers, the worker finished the speech with a simple, "Alright, see you later," before stepping down.

In a later comment, he confirmed that he actually gets on well with the manager and, "had a nice chat with the guy I gave the letter to afterwards."

With over 100,000 votes on Reddit, the video has garnered mass attention from people who have been entertained with the very extra resignation.

"The little nods of approval, the rolling "r"s on the synchronised "resignation", the stool, the cane, holding the letter at arm's length. So many elements combine to make this a true masterpiece of our times," wrote one viewer.

"The next time an employee quits, your work will be like 'well you have to submit a form.... er, a business-casual resignation letter,'" joked another.

Resignation letter being handed over
Stock image of a worker handing over a resignation letter. Getty Images