Man Praised for Cleaning Roadside To Bring Back 'Trashtag Challenge' Online

A man has been trending on Reddit after he spent his lunch break cleaning trash from the roadside, in an attempt to bring back 2019's "Trashtag Challenge."

Reddit user Coop5008 shared a "before and after" image of the stretch of grass, which was originally covered in litter. "Decided to spend my lunch break cleaning up my community and bringing back the #trashtag challenge," he wrote.

The Reddit user managed to fill three bags of trash from one stretch of grass alone. As commenters pointed out, the freshly mowed grass shows it didn't take long for the litter to build up from drivers dumping objects out of windows. In just 14 hours, the post has amassed over 84,000 votes and seemingly inspired others to clean up their areas too.

In further comments, the Reddit user explained that the purpose of the post was to encourage others to also do their part. "It's about spreading a challenge to get other people to do the same. Last time I posted one of these it got to the top page of Reddit and several dozen people sent me pictures of them doing it themselves afterwards. That's what it's about, not internet points," he wrote.

"Saw that the #trashtag challenge seemed to be dying down... so I decided to take things into my own hands," he captioned extra pictures he uploaded. "Seeing the ripple effects of the challenge are what makes it worth it," he added.

In 2019, the "Trashtag Challenge" took over the internet, as users shared images before and after cleaning up local public spaces. Previously, user Coop5008 shared images of him cleaning up an alley and filling up 11 bags.

The Reddit post could spark a new wave of the challenge however. It was first introduced in 2015 by outdoor gear company UCO Gear, but fell out of popularity until 2019 when a Facebook user reignited it.

"You got me thinking about going out and cleaning my local area, and probably hundreds of others," noted one Reddit user in the comments, showing that his attempts to inspire could be working.

"Goes to show how big of a difference you can make even in a short bit of time," added another user.

Others took the opportunity to reflect on the labor garbage workers put in: "I think we should be thanking our normal garbage workers. This guy definitely did some good for his community, but I think we should be acknowledging and thanking our regular garbage men," one user wrote.

"I definitely appreciate what they do a lot more after I started to clean up trash on my own," responded the original poster.

Newsweek has contacted Reddit user Coop5008 for comment.

Person picking up trash in the woods
Person picking up litter in a woods. A man's clean-up of the roadside has gone viral on Reddit. Getty Images. Getty Images