Just in Time For Halloween, These People Revealed the Scariest Things They Experienced in Remote Locations

Remote locations have served as the backdrop for horror movies and scary stories for generations for one very simple reason: even on a good day, they're pretty spooky.

Not too long ago, a Redditor posed the question for people who work in remote areas (such as forest offices or oil rigs) to explain what the creepiest thing they've seen was. Being in the middle of nowhere has the potential to raise questions that you may never have the answer to or hilarious misunderstandings that'll make you laugh about how scared you were. While not everyone wrote about where they work, they did tell tales about being in remote locations, which can be enough to invoke feelings of dread.

In one of the most chilling stories, one user said that he and a friend had gone on a four day hike on Loyalsock Trail, when they heard people approach their campsite at 3 a.m. "The voices sounded very close for being on the trail 100+ meters away," the user wrote. "Who hikes at 3am? We are 20 miles in. I slowly get out of my sleeping bag, slowly unzip my tent, only to see my friend peeking out of his tent in the exact same fashion. He quickly moves his finger over his mouth in an exaggerated "hush" signal, then used the same hand to frantically motion towards the way of the trail. Then we see them. Four adults, three men and one woman, walking directly towards our camp."

The user said they grabbed a knife and the friend asked what they were doing, and the group simply asked for food. The user said they'd asked if they wanted to hang out for a while, and the pair responded that they weren't interested, and the people left wordlessly. "We watch them leave and take shifts making sure that they didn't come back," the user wrote. "By the afternoon, when we woke up, it all felt like a weird dream of sorts. The only evidence was a baseball cap that they must have dropped that I have to this day."

Another user wrote about being the lone overnight janitor at a school, where he cleaned the floors with a Zamboni-like vehicle. They said one morning, they were called to the school by police and questioned if they noticed anything out of the ordinary the night before. "Security then shows me camera footage of someone breaking into one of the classrooms WHILE I WAS RIDING THE ZAMBONI not far away," they wrote. "Nothing was stolen. But the worst part was they didn't have footage of the person leaving, they didn't go out the way they came in, and police had to sweep the entire school. Never did find out what happened with that one."

As you can see, the most chilling stories involved real people whose intentions were unclear. Another Redditor wrote about collecting data in the Wyoming Bureau of Land Management and driving through some wooded areas when they encountered a vehicle. "The truck was going overland, no road and was slowly driving at us. It stopped about 100 yards away, turned off the lights and we could see a person get out," the user wrote. "They walked a full circle around us at ~100yards away, got back in the truck and turned around. This was after dark and this shadowy figure did a complete circle around us."

While most people had questionable and possibly nefarious experiences, some people realized they didn't have as much to worry about as they thought, like one user who said he'd often do stream work. "Once my coworker and I were working in a more urban environment and came across what we initially thought was a body," they wrote. "[I]t ended up being a firefighter's dummy that had fallen down a hill. We felt pretty dumb."

Besides running into sketchy people out in the woods, animals were some of the other spooky encounters that people had. The user wrote that animals in northern Canada could be most terrifying. "It's pretty creepy when during night shift you realise a moose has just been standing at the tree line staring you down for an unknown length of time, " they wrote. "Or finding bear tracks crossing the tracks you just made 5 minutes ago."

Another user said that while leaving a remote mine site, he saw three pairs of red eyes staring at him through a window. "Turns out goats' eyes reflect red at night, and they like staring in windows," he wrote.

While some stories can be explained, occasionally run-ins in remote locations leave more unanswerable questions than others. One Redditor who took people on tours of the tundra to find polar bears described a creepy work of art he found on a tour. "I once saw a snowman totem with reindeer antlers coming out of his head. It was deformed, full of bullet holes and rather creepy," they wrote.

Sculpture Figures Amongst Trees at the Cass Sculpture Foundation, Sussex. Jennifer Sheppard/Getty