Daughter's Adorable Sign for Uber Driver Dad Learning English Resurfaces: 'My Hero'

The heartwarming note a daughter wrote for her Uber driver father, who was learning English, has gone viral online after it resurfaced on Reddit.

Originally shared in 2019 by Laura Lux, an Australian influencer living in Texas, the note was harnessed to the back of the front seat, for all riders to read.

"My daddy is my hero. He is learning your language. Thankyou for your patience," read the note, alongside drawings of herself and her father together.

"Crying in the uber," tweeted Lux, who also said that she was going to tip the driver.

Two years on and the post was re-shared on Reddit in the popular heartwarming group "Made Me Smile." In the space of just a few hours, the image received over 26,000 votes.

The post garnered a long line of reactions, with people sharing anecdotes and similar stories, many reflecting admiration for those who learn English as a second language.

"A guy I work with apologized for not knowing a word when talking to me," wrote one user. "I had heard him speaking what I thought to be Arabic so I asked him how many languages he knew. This motherf***er knows FIVE languages and understands a sixth and he is apologizing to my mono-linguistic a**. Told him to never apologize for that s**t again."

"I drove a cab in Vegas for about five years. I had a number of passengers say how grateful they were to get an English speaking driver. I told them about how hard it was to communicate in a second language while focusing on the road and the drivers were probably more concerned with the passengers safety than carrying on a conversation. Lots of people suddenly "got it" with that brief explanation," added another.

Others noted just how hard it can be to start life afresh in another country, let alone when you don't speak the language: "I immigrated from the UK to the US over thirty years ago. I speak the same language as you guys and I arrived on what is described as a 'gifted alien' visa. My first year was really demanding. I didn't know what the f**k I was doing half the time. Getting a social security card gave me a heart attack, getting a driver's license, which I already had in two other countries freaked me out. Getting an apartment was really hard. Establishing credit in the US. All of it was really scary.

"But just imagine doing all this, and learning the language simultaneously. Bless this man and his fortitude."

"I've moved countries a few times, and trust me, it's a lot," simply put another user.

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