High School Girl's Doritos Bag Prom Dress Amazes the Internet

Reddit is frequently host to some wacky show-and-tell posts, but a dress made of actual Doritos packets has taken the site by storm. First shared May 12, the post titled "I made a prom dress out of recycled Doritos bags from my school cafeteria" has already been upvoted over 100,000 times.

User Clairanic shared her unique prom dress in the Subreddit "mildlyinteresting." The strapless gown is made completely from layered empty packets of Nacho Cheese flavor Doritos. The dress was complete with a Doritos bag parasol, naturally.

Clairanic has since deleted the original Reddit post, but the Doritos dress can still be seen online here.

After being asked how the dress dealt with sweat, which would predictably be a problem with the material, Clairanic detailed the design behind it. "The top is a total sweat factory," she confirmed in a post on Reddit, but explained the dress was "lined with stretch fabric for comfort."

The dress itself was created with packets left over by students at the poster's high school, which had "just under 5,000 kids, so lots of waste," she explained.

Any people inspired by the dress may want to set a good amount of time aside though, as Clairanic says it took over a year to make. "It took about a year to collect the bags (and enlisting the help of many friends), and a couple of months to make," reads a comment.

With the fashion industry heading in a more sustainable direction, the Doritos dress somewhat falls in line. Chip packets are generally non-recyclable due to the aluminum lining, but making a second use for them at home, albeit as a literal ball gown, can only be a good thing.

For Reddit users confused about the need for a prom dress in 2021, with many in-person proms canceled in 2020 and some planning the same this year, the poster confirmed the image was from two years ago, "back when real proms were a thing."

"Sorry to disappoint but I didn't actually end up wearing it to prom. It was relatively fragile (and so ungodly loud) and I dance too much. I displayed it as an art piece and won a scholastic award," she added.

Clairanic went on to provide one last word in defense of the dress to Reddit: "In case I have to defend myself from the cringe police, this was done as a joke."

Cringe police or not, Reddit users were amazed by the out-there dress, receiving over 2,500 comments at the time of publication.

"Some people have chips on their shoulder, but you had them everywhere else," joked one Reddit user.

"Good luck trying to sneak in past curfew with this," added another.

05/17/21 11.07 a.m. ET: This story was updated to reflect the changed location of the image online.

Doritos potato chips
Doritos potato chips. A Reddit user has gone viral after sharing her prom dress made from Doritos packets. Getty Images. Getty Images