'Rarest of Rare' Husky and Dachshund Mix Has Internet Asking: 'How?'

A rare Husky Dachshund mix puppy has stunned internet users with his unusual appearance.

The puppy, named Todd, left Reddit users fawning after his owner shared two adorable images of him to the website's rare puppy channel.

Posting under the username u/FiestaRaquel, the dog owner shared a close up image of the lovely pet, which is the size of a Dachshund, but with the markings of a Husky and one blue and one brown eye.

After receiving a phenomenal response to the first picture, the user posted another of the pooch's full body with the caption: "I heard my Dachshund Husky mix might be enjoyed here. This is Todd."

The post, which can be found here, received over 24,000 votes and over 500 comments, with users predicting the breed would have "Husky level drama" while being a "Dachshund level barking queen."

"Hello, I am going to need more pictures of this dog at your earliest convenience. Thank you in advance," wrote one user.

Another said: "He looks like they put a husky and dachshund in one of those machines that fuses two animals together and got this guy. He is both gorgeous and fascinating!

Another commented: "Looks like he got the husky colors but the short fur of a dachshund. Super cute! Probably doesn't have the cold tolerance of a full bred Husky but I bet he's a talker."

Some users were baffled by the concept of the two dogs breeding, with one simply writing: "... how?" while another account added: "Truly, the rarest of rare puppers!"

The Husky Dachshund mix is a relatively new breed, which has emerged in the past 20 years as part of the "designer dogs" trend, the website Alpha Paw reports.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC) Dachshunds were bred to be an independent hunter of dangerous prey, meaning they are smart and vigilant—but can be "brave to the point of rashness, and a bit stubborn"

Meanwhile, Huskies are said to be born pack animals, who love spending time with people and other canines. The breed is energetic and playful, with very high energy levels.

A 2011 survey revealed that 53 percent of all dogs in the U.S. are mixed-breed dogs, Psychology Today reported.

Husky puppies
Two Husky puppies. A rare Husky Dachshund mix puppy has stunned internet users with his unusual appearance. iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images