What Panic-Buyers Have Been Doing With Their Gas Now Shortage Eased

Reddit users have been discussing what they, and people they know, have done with the gas they panic-bought two weeks ago.

On May 7, the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack led to gas shortages in the East Coast. They eased after a few days when the fuel pipeline—the largest in the U.S.— began operating at a normal rate again.

The fear of potential shortages sent customers panic-buying gas in bulk, even in states that were not affected. Some reports have said panic-buying led to more shortages than the cyberattack itself.

Now, a popular Reddit post has seen users discuss the aftermath of overbuying, two weeks after shortages ended, with some apparently left with more gas than they need, and others jokingly searching for alternative uses for the fuel.

"People who hoarded gas two weeks ago: How are things going for you now?" reads the title of the post, which has gained over 62,000 votes and 9,000 comments since May 25.

Unsurprisingly, few have been willing to recount their own experience of overbuying gas, but many have told of "neighbors" who panic-bought.

"My neighbors hoarded at least three gas cans worth (I say at least because I only saw him unpacking the last three when I got home) He knocked on my door today and offered to sell me one gallon for a buck fifty, but I rejected. Last I saw he was lugging it to a friend's house," wrote MetalShina on Tuesday.

"One of my deadbeat neighbors decided that they were going to buy two 250 gallon pump tanks and weld them into the bed of their old a** t100. Then they proceeded to fill them up at their local Costco. They then decided it would be a smart idea to put a sign on their truck with outrageous price gouging level prices and post up in a parking lot in a fairly bad area of town.

He was held up in a matter of minutes. Truck and gas stolen. This was in Southern California... where there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO risk of a gas shortage," wrote one user.

"My neighbor sells old 55 gallon oil drums, most people buy them for burn barrels. But he has lids for them as well in case you want them for something else. He filled four of them with gas, now he has four of them full of gas, and the supply was never even interrupted around here. He has admitted that he panicked a bit and now he doesn't know what to do with 200 gallons of gas," recounted another.

Another Reddit user shared: "Not me but one of my neighbors on the My Neighbors app asked for help moving a plastic barrel he filled with gas. I didn't respond but that post showed up again because of the activity on the post, man couldn't find help so he did the sensible thing and rolled the barrel off his truck. The top popped off and he spilled a bunch of gas onto his lawn."

"I love in South Carolina and I just filled up my car as normal, when I needed it, and spent my week laughing at the idiots hoarding the gas," wrote mizzbrightside. "The gas station I work at ran out of regular ONCE, for like 5 hours at most. People were practically worshipping our chain because the QT down the street kept running out but we stayed supplied, just like the last gas shortage we had a few years ago."

"Somebody left gas cans in their trunk and parked at public beach parking. Car caught fire and damaged 10 others next to the hotel I work at," alleged another user.

"It's goin' great. I shower in gas, brush my teeth with the stuff-- nothing gets those pearly whites shining like good old unleaded!" joked the_twilight_bard.

"Tired of every meal - gas gumbo, gas casserole, gas n' dumplings, sweet and sour gas, gas au gratin, gas marinara, gas vindaloo...ready for something different," quipped Birdy_Cephon_Altera.

A gas station at night.
Retail Gasoline Station and Convenience Store. Reddit users have been sharing what they've done with the gas after panic-buying it following the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack. Getty Images. Getty Images