'Wonder Woman 1984' Fans Notice Epic Flaw in Movie Script: 'Cannot Defend This'

Wonder Woman fans have noticed a detail about the latest movie in the franchise, which makes it historically inaccurate.

In Wonder Woman 1984, Steve is amazed by an escalator after coming back to life in the 1980s, almost seven decades after sacrificing his life for the greater good. The problem is however, escalators were invented long before his 1918 death, and were widely used in London, where the viewer knows he used to live.

When Diana showed Steve around Washington, he appeared to be unsure of the escalator as he marveled at it. Diana was even left having to somewhat lead him down. "One foot after the other," she directs him.

One Reddit user shared the movie flaw to the "S**tty Movie Details" Subreddit just yesterday, writing: "In Wonder Woman 1984, Steve is amazed by an escalator despite them being commonly used in stores by the time he dies in 1918. This is a reference to how bad the script is."

The earliest working invention of an escalator was patented by Jesse Reno in 1892, and four years later was demonstrated at Coney Island as a novelty ride. One was also installed at the Brooklyn Bridge just a year later.

Inventor George Wheeler's version of the elevator is more similar to what we recognize today, with steps that flatten at the end. These patents were purchased in 1899 by Charles Seeberger, who made a deal with elevator manufacturer Otis to produce them. Soon enough, escalators began being used commercially.

The Siegel Cooper Department Store in New York installed four of the Reno escalators in 1896, while Bloomingdale's in New York installed them in 1900 after it was shown at the World's Fair. Macy's joined them in 1902 with an installed escalator.

Despite escalators certainly being invented and used by the time of Steve's death, that's not to say he definitely used or even saw one, but given his time in London, it seems likely.

Underground railway stations in both London and New York had installed escalators in the early 1900s, with Earl's Court Station getting the first in 1911.

In the 2020 movie, Steve and Diana visit a department store in a seemingly wealthy area of London in 1918 to find new clothing for the superhero. Harrods had already installed an escalator at that point, with the 1898 installation making it England's first.

As noted by many fans of the movie, Steve could have simply been taken aback by the modern escalators which one fan said they "bet feel insanely different than 1918 versions." In actual fact however, original prototypes of escalators aren't actually all that different from the ones still used now—Macy's still uses the very same wooden ones.

The final remaining plausible explanation is that the escalator is the Dupont Circle Metro Station in Washington D.C., which is one of the longest in the Metro system. Diana doesn't specify where it is, but does comment that: "This one is special," as they step onto it.

"This specific escalator is actually the Dupont metro stop in Washington DC that EVERYONE looks at in awe for the first time. It is SO steep and LONG that even New Yorkers say something about this particular metro stop. It's almost vertical," noted one fan on the Reddit post.

Similarly, Steve was seemingly amazed by the subway system itself, which was operating in both New York and London way before his death.

"As a DC fan even I cannot defend this," commented one fan on the post.