Dog Magically Recovers From Limp at Mention of Walk in Hilarious Video

The adorable and hilarious moment a dog faked an injury has gone viral, sparking similar accounts from pet owners globally.

Gerald Wakimoto captured the moment his dog, Hairy, suddenly recovered from an apparent limp at the mere mention of a walk. The video was originally uploaded in 2020, but it has resurfaced online on Reddit.

After being shared to the popular Subreddit "Animals Being Derps," the video has gained over 37,000 votes in just one day.

In the clip, Hairy can be seen limping across the living room floor, to be told by his owner: "You can't go for a walk."

"Hairy can't walk like that," he continued, as the dog carried on limping around with one paw up in the air. As if by magic, Hairy is again running like normal. "Your paw's better now," pointed out the owner while laughing.

Hairy, with his four working legs, went straight for his leash and brought it to Wakimoto.

According to dog site Wag Walking, faking an injury is "often a learned train which they gradually remember over time" in a bid to gain attention for their limp. After learning that they get attention and "huge fuss over them" when they injure themselves, they choose to do it again, despite having no real injury.

Last year, a man from Great Britain lost out on $400 in vet bills to inquire into his dog's leg injury after noticing a limp while walking. It turned out however, the dog was simply imitating his owner's limp. He had a broken ankle at the time with crutches and a leg cast.

These kinds of situations are far from rare, as shown by the reactions to the resurfaced video shared to Reddit. Users flooded the comments with their own versions of similar anecdotes about their pets.

"I adopted a barn cat, and when we first got him he would limp on his front leg, we would give him treats and he would walk away fine. We were worried that he had a real injury, and we took him to a vet. They checked his legs and for a bunch of other things, he was fine," recalled one user.

"We spoke to the people we got him from and they said at one point a mini goat rammed him in that leg and he had to get it checked but it was fine then as well. We think he just liked the extra attention.

"We give him plenty now and he hasn't limped in 3+ years."

Another user noted: "A few years ago I went out with my two dogs. About an hour into it, one starts limping and pulling up its front paw. He wouldn't let me look at it. He's a German Spitz, so about 10kg. Not heavy, but I ended up carrying him the three miles back home, carrying him like a sleepy toddler with his head over my shoulder.

"Got home, put him down to get my door keys out, and as soon as I open the door, he toddles off inside and into his bed for a little nap with his toys. Paw was absolutely fine, he was just tired and didn't want to walk anymore," they added.

Although the video entertained, it was also met with concern from those who suspected a larger issue could still be at hand, with suggestions that the mention of a walk simply distracted him from his ailment.

Faking a Limp

"My parents' dog did this but it turned out he was just ignoring the pain when excited and was actually ill. He had Lyme disease and the joint in his paw was in pain from it. Just be sure it's a behavioral thing not a medical thing," warned one user.

Last year, a cat similarly went viral on TikTok in a video seen over 10 million times after being caught out faking a limp for attention.

The cat, named Edward, was captured sitting atop a kitchen counter with his left paw held in the air. His owner however simply wrote: "Not this again, honey."

Moments later, the cat appeared to forget exactly which paw was supposed to be injured, lifting his right one in the air instead.

Dog with leg injury
A file photo of a dog with an injury. Getty Images