Redditor Says Boss Threatened to Fire Them For 'Attitude' After Night in ER in Viral Post

A Redditor claimed in a now-viral post that their boss threatened to fire them over their "negative attitude."

Posting to Reddit's "Antiwork" forum on Wednesday under the username u/XenWarriorTheReal, the Redditor said that they'd recently requested a day off after spending the night in the hospital with their daughter, but was denied.

So, they warned their superior that while they would come into work, they wouldn't be operating at 100 percent.

The post, found here, has received more than 11,000 up-votes and over 880 comments.

"Sunday evening, my 5-year-old daughter was getting ready to go outside and leaned herself on the glass part of the door and it broke. She opened 2 inches of her wrist on the broken glass. I will spare the details, but the house looked like a murder scene. We bandaged the wrist as good as we could and rushed to the car," u/XenWarriorTheReal wrote.

The Redditor went on to say that they spent over 10 hours at the hospital, waiting for a doctor to arrive. Finally, their daughter received the stitches she needed and they headed back home; however, it was 3:35 a.m. by the time they arrived.

As previously mentioned, u/XenWarriorTheReal was denied a personal day and had to go into the office.

"My boss (not my superior) passed in front of my office and said 'hello!' as usual without even looking at me and when I answered back, I tried to sound ok, but I clearly wasn't," u/XenWarriorTheReal said.

So, u/XenWarriorTheReal's boss stopped to ask them how they were.

But when u/XenWarriorTheReal began to tell their boss that they were still in shock over their daughter, their boss angrily replied: "Your negative attitude is affecting the rest of the team. If you are to come here, you better be ready to give your 100% and right now, you're not, so pack your things and get the **** out of here."

Their boss added: "Take the rest of the week off as well. When you get back from your 'vacations,' we'll talk about your future at the company, because we got some serious decisions to make."

In the post, u/XenWarriorTheRea said that their time-off request was denied because the office was already understaffed due to COVID-19. Of course, the company for which the Redditor works isn't the only one struggling to stay fully staffed as employees return to on-site work.

In a Workforce survey conducted by CNBC, First in Business Worldwide and Momentive, it was revealed that "half of all workers say their companies are currently understaffed," CNBC reported.

Additionally, the study found that "nearly half (45%) of understaffed workers describe morale at their company as poor or fair, compared to 22% of those who feel their workplaces are adequately staffed," said CNBC.

"[I]n the ultra-competitive talent market fueled by The Great Resignation, employers need to up their efforts to understand worker morale and take action to improve it. Hybrid work environments, fully staffed teams, and vaccine mandates all can make a difference as a new normal comes into view," Momentive Chief Research Officer Jon Cohen told the station.

Commenters of u/XenWarriorTheReal's post were quick to send their sympathies.

"I'm so sorry for you and how badly you were treated. I hope your little one heals well," wrote u/mrs_david_silva.

"Dude I respect the hell out of your restraint, and mental resilience. You could have freaked the f**k out (justifiably) and made your situation worse. You're a true class act. Seriously," said u/Maxwell_Jeeves. "You did what you had to do to protect your family in the moment. Now you know that your boss is a supreme c**t. Go forth and find a better job!"

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A Redditor claimed in a now-viral post that their boss threatened to fire them over their “negative attitude.” fizkes/istock