Redditors Reveal 'Most Disturbing Thing' They've Seen or Heard in Prison

A Reddit post has gone viral after a poster asked viewers who have been to prison what "the most disturbing thing" they saw or heard on the inside. The post already has thousands of comments from people disclosing their own examples.

The post was shared to the subreddit "Ask Reddit" on January 30 by u/Nuroui. It's titled, "Redditors who have been in prison: What's the most disturbing thing you've seen or heard in prison?"

According to Statista, about 1.22 million people were in prison "under jurisdiction of federal or state correctional authorities" in the United States as of 2020. The state with the most prisoners is Texas with 135,906 the website also reported. California is next up with 97,328 prisoners.

The viral post has been upvoted 10,700 times with 3,600 comments. People didn't hold back with their experiences. One Redditor recounted a time in Brazil, and that when the lights went off, people could hear the sound of scraping taking place on the concrete.

"It was gang members sharpening their homemade knives on the concrete floor," the user said.

Man holding bars in prison
A Reddit post has gone viral of people sharing "the most disturbing" things they've seen or heard in prison. Here, a man holds bars in prison. RATTANKUN THONGBUN/GETTY

One Redditor revealed a situation where five men were "beating the living crap out of each other over a cigarette. Not a pack. Just one f**king cigarette."

Another person recounted seeing a man warming up a coffee cup with baby oil in it, walking up to another person and throwing it in his face. "The dude owed like $10 over some Ramen noodles and said he wasn't going to pay," they added.

A Redditor's friend told them it was really the "yelling of other inmates" who had broken down while in solitary confinement. "He said after a while you couldn't make out their words," they continued.

A user revealed their cousin used to work in prison "and he says he got spit on a ton."

One person mentioned rats in the prisons as well. "Not sure if it is the dead rats or hearing them scurrying in the walls," they said. "By far those are the most disturbing."

Some Redditors commented on just the sheer amount of depressing and hard-to-read comments. "This thread has made me sadder than just about any other thread I've read in the almost 10 years I've been on Reddit," a Redditor wrote.

Another user didn't mince words about the thread of comments either. "I just read more f**ked up s**t than I ever thought possible while only skimming a post for five minutes," another user explained.

Newsweek reached out to u/Nuroui for comment.