Redditors Reveal Why They Were Banned From Places: 'That's Called Stealing'

Redditors recently revealed the real reasons why they were banned from establishments. From wearing "inappropriate" clothing to messing around with arcade games, people didn't hold back with their experiences.

The Reddit post was shared to the subreddit "Ask Reddit" by u/Ali_6950 on February 2. The post is titled, "What's the reason you have been banned from an establishment such as a shop/bar/restaurant/cafe/etc.?" The now-viral post has over 38,000 upvotes with more than 12,000 comments so far.

According to, a business can create its own rules when it comes to banning individuals from a place. However, the ban can't be based on any of the classes protected under federal law. The Civil Rights Act "guarantees all people the right to full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, and accommodations of any place of public accommodation, without discrimination or segregation on the ground of race, color, religion, or national origin." Another protected class includes individuals with disabilities.

People revealed the truth of why they were banned from different places. One comment received over 18,000 upvotes, and the poster revealed they were banned from a mall when they were younger "because I wore an inappropriate shirt that I bought in the mall."

Woman holding up her hand
Redditors recently revealed why they were banned from establishments. Here, a woman holding up her hand in a stop gesture. KOLDUNOV/GETTY

One person was banned from a mall arcade "for holding all the whack [sic]-a-moles down."

Another user had a similar experience being banned for Whac-A-Mole. They used two hammers at the game instead of one. "Two games side by side, both hammers reached each game," the user said. "They said I cheated, took my tickets, and banned me."

A user admitted they were banned for taking pictures of produce and prices at a grocery store as they shopped. "I was just trying to keep track of which stores had which food at cheaper prices so I could plan my shopping trips," the poster revealed.

One Redditor was banned from their library when they were a child for overdue fees. They revealed they were an avid reader, and their mother didn't like taking them to the library. The user would walk six miles round trip with a wheeled suitcase getting about 25 books. "The fees added up fast," they said. "I resorted to stealing books and returning them, and I'm pretty sure some of the librarians just turned a blind eye. They forgive the debt when you turn 18."

Some were banned from places like a college cafeteria. A user said they brought in a digital food safety thermometer with a copy of the temperature ranges for the state health department to the cafeteria. "They were consistently 20°F-40°F low, and food poisoning was a common problem," the poster said.

One Redditor recounted how they ordered a Kolacz, a type of cake, from a bakery, putting down a deposit and letting them know when they were going to come to pick it up for a school project on Poland. When they went to pick it up, they were told the person they spoke to didn't send the order, and there wasn't any Kolacz. The woman at the store refused to refund the deposit as they could make them one for the following day. The user called the credit card company to dispute the charge, learning a few days later they were banned from the bakery.

"That's called stealing," a user pointed out in response to another comment about the situation. "They banned that guy because he wouldn't let them steal his money. Imagine the audacity of that bakery."

A poster was allegedly banned from a Walmart around 22 years ago "for grabbing one of the microphones and broadcasting over the store that it was closing in 10 minutes, and the dogs will be released shortly after."

One Redditor's father got them all banned from a Walmart as well when he was drunk three days before Halloween. He "spilled bleach all over the [toilet paper] aisle, and went on a rampage in the costume area because he couldn't find a specific kind of candy [Midnight Milky Ways] which were two aisles away."

A user had an incident at a bowling alley that got them banned from the establishment. They said they had never been bowling before. "I threw the ball up and it landed right in between the bumper and the gutter...the ball broke in half," they revealed. "I was asked for my name and was told I couldn't come back. I was 17-years-old, and now I'm 37; haven't been bowling since."

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