Redditors Share the 'Dumbest' Thing Someone Has Ever Said to Them

A Reddit post asking about the dumbest thing anyone has ever said to users has garnered a lot of interesting responses. The responses show a wide range of cluelessness, from silly to dangerous to just plain lies.

The now-viral post was shared to the subreddit "Ask Reddit" on February 1 by u/PagalScientist. It has over 36,000 upvotes so far and more than 27,000 comments revealing interesting details about viewers all over the world. The post is titled, "What's the dumbest thing someone has ever said to you?" From comments like, "Someone told me I'm a Scientologist because I believe in science," to "A supervisor told me 'You can only get sick if you want to be sick,'" the responses are wild. And for jaw-droppingly dumb, another user said someone told them, "'We're all out of cheeseburgers, but I guess I could put some cheese on a hamburger for you.'"

Many posts cite things that in spite of all the facts to the contrary, people believe that aren't correct. Denying something despite available the proof is called denialism. Two of the more infamous examples of this are that some Americans believe the Holocaust never happened, and that the Earth is flat.

A Reddit user revealed they have a friend who doesn't actually believe in "many things if he hasn't experienced them himself." They clarified, "Ex: He told me he doesn't believe allergies are real. I asked why not? He replied, 'Well I've never had them. It's all in people's minds.'"

Another user recounted how they were on a hike, and it was particularly windy. They mentioned to the group that it would be "better" when they were "protected by the trees," as the wind would lessen. "A friend of a friend who was with us stops and says 'Wait, don't the trees make the wind?'" they recalled. "This human being got to 23 years old believing that trees activity flapped their leaves to generate wind."

Friends talking on the couch
Redditors recently shared the "dumbest" thing anyone has ever said to them. Here, two friends talking on the couch. PHEELINGS MEDIA/GETTY

A Redditor's former co-worker admitted to a dangerous practice when she told them she doesn't wear a seatbelt. However, she drives 95 to 100 miles per hour. Her reasoning was "because she wants to be able to escape her car when (not if, but when) she crashes, and it catches on fire."

The responses kept rolling in. One user revealed once there was a dry spell and no rain. Their co-worker told them, "they need to send the space shuttle up because every time they send it up, it penetrates the atmosphere and makes it rain."

One Redditor's girlfriend was "freaked out" when their significant other told them the Earth rotates. "She had no idea and said, 'Don't tell me that, it freaks me out.'" The Redditor recalled. "We were seniors in high school."

A Redditor was asked by their relative when they were 13: "'Is this real rabbit fur?'" They asked the question "while petting my very much alive rabbit."

While another person mistook the word "Jurassic" for "drastic." They said to the Redditor, '"Do you see the Jurassic difference?' The OP added: "And I thought holy f**k there's no way this mother***er just said 'Jurassic' instead of 'drastic.' Then they repeated it again, and sure enough, he said Jurassic."

A user recounted a blatant lie they'd been told. "My co-worker, who embellishes and lies about everything, told me he's lived in every U.S. state for at least two years...He's 27," a user said.

Another Redditor said a few years ago they moved from Iowa to Colorado. A co-worker, who had a college degree, asked if they "had YouTube in Iowa. They were completely serious."

Newsweek has reached out to u/PagalScientist for comment.