Redditors Weigh In on Phrases That Can Set Off a Fanbase in Viral Post

Fanbases can be found anywhere, from sports and music to literature and video game series. And when a fan is particularly loyal, certain things may set them off.

A Reddit post has gone viral after someone asked: "What can you say that can trigger an entire fanbase?" More than 32,000 people voted on the post, while 34,000 people shared their feelings about the question.

Below are a few of the most popular responses to the question.

1. 'Those characters aren't real and can't care about you.'

Many readers and viewers can form an attachment to various characters in a beloved book, television show or movie.

"So it's a one sided relationship, not my first," Redditor kindtheking9 joked.

Dapper_Cranberry compared the concept to how some people feel about YouTube creators, writing that some people believe they are friends with them.

"There are some very lonely people out there," hononononoh wrote. "And ngl it's kinda scary how good a medium YouTube is for creating the illusion of companionship and closeness, and pandering to lonely people's loneliness."

2. 'And then, he woke up, on his bed under the staircase.'

This comment was in reference to the popular Harry Potter series. It follows the adventures of Harry Potter as he went from sleeping under the staircase at his aunt and uncle's house to learning he is a wizard and studying at Hogwarts, a school for witches and wizards. All the while, he faces danger and mystery while learning his place in the wizarding world.

This alternate ending has made its rounds on the internet and suggests that the young boy imagined the entire series of events in his head.

"You got me," 2344twinsmom wrote. "I'm against book burning in general, but if that had been the last line of HP7, there would have been a bonfire."

3. 'You know wrestling is fake, right?'

Ma5terchief999 argued that wrestling was similar to watching a play.

"They're still performing really impressive acts—it's just predetermined who when and how they will do them," they wrote. "Now the acting is over the top and the plot lines are ridiculous in my opinion, but so are a lot of the storylines and narratives ESPN pushes onto the NBA and NFL. I don't personally see the appeal but I can understand it. "

Another agreed and likened wrestling to a form of performative art and the only people who point out that it isn't "real" are those who don't watch wrestling.

4. 'It's just a children's show, calm down.'

Redditors rattled off some of their favorite shows that are often labeled as "just for kids." Shows like Avatar the Last Airbender, Gravity Falls and Star Wars: The Clone Wars particularly stood out as commenters rushed to defend them.

Avatar the Last Airbender, for example, chronicles the journey of Aang as he seeks to bring peace after the Fire Nation began conquering parts of the world. Aang is just a child, but he was identified as the "Avatar," which means that in addition to being able to "bend" water, earth, fire and air, he is responsible for maintaining balance throughout the world.

When commenting on Adventure Time, Redditor lemoopa wrote, "For a cartoon with talking stretching dogs and hot dogs, AT showed surprisingly real issues [and showed how some issues just can't be solved and everything won't get a happy ending]. Also the whole primordial beings, comets, etc lore got deep."

5. '7-1'

The final score that resulted in Brazil's defeat to Germany during the 2014 World Cup. Despite the fact that Brazil was heavily favored to win the semi-final match against Germany, they were pummeled. Brazil scored a single goal.

"Not to mention that Brazil was hosting the World Cup that year, and how seriously people take the sport there," wrote HolycommentMattman. "The fans and players were crying. I've never seen that in any sport ever. This was a devastating loss."

Adventure Time Fan
Redditors shared a few things that would be sure to rile up a loyal fanbase. Above, a dressed as the character Finn from "Adventure Time" asks a question during a Cartoon Network panel. Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

Updated 03/10/2022, 1:26 p.m. ET: This story has been updated to remove a comment that has been deleted from the Reddit thread.