Redditors Weigh In On Things That Get More Annoying With Age In Viral Post

Aging is a part of life. Some people embrace the changes while others try to heed the effects of Father Clock as long as possible. Everyone has something they're not particularly excited about when it comes to getting older.

A now-viral Reddit post begs the question: "As you get older, what's something that's become increasingly annoying?" Over 47,000 upvoted the post with 28,000 responses. Here are a few of the most popular.

1. "Being tired all the time."

Fatigue is one of the most-commented by dozens of users including Redditor clarencemuraco who garnered 13,000 upvotes for the post "being tired all the time."

Shots_FIREd_2020 agreed saying, "This. So I work out to fix it. Now I'm tired and in pain. F*ck you body!"

2. "Clutter."

Many related to the mere thought of too much clutter — especially if it stemmed from people gifting things incessantly.

"Stuff! It didn't bother me that much when I was younger, but it's definitely something that's gotten increasingly on my nerves as I passed into my 30s. Definitely exacerbated by the Grandmother-in-law who will not stop giving us stuff, no matter how often we ask her to," dinawia wrote.

"This! Well meaning family members decluttering their shit onto my spouse who can't say no," Aware_Masterpiece_23 said.

User ellishu had similar thoughts. "Ugh I hate this so much. Currently have two boxes and three bags full of stuff to donate, courtesy of two relatives with online shopping addictions. They declutter and foist it onto us. Meanwhile we have our own clutter to deal with. I hate being seen as someone else's Goodwill. Go donate it yourself! I do not need another vegetable peeler from QVC identical to the one given to me last year."

3. "Loud, dark restaurants."

Getting older means things like lighting and sound levels matter more than ever. Plenty of users chimed in.

"Can't hear the server or my friends and can't read the menu without my phone flashlight," oldkidgrumble commented.

User fredyouareaturtle said: "Hate restaurants that blast the music. I guess it's fun for the staff who have to be there all day, but as a customer the whole reason I'm there is to talk with my friends while we eat, which is so difficult if the music is so loud. Basically feels like they just want me to eat in silence and leave ASAP."

"Music too loud inevitably leads to raised voices and every table in the restaurant is having a shouting match just to hear each other over all the rest. And the brilliant staff will typically address this by turning the music up some more, instead of turning it down so people only hear themselves shouting and actually chill out. Can't stand it," tris_majestis added.

An elderly woman
Despite a stroke and increasing signs of dementia, an elderly woman is trying to hold on and live her last few years in her own home on July 1, 2021 in the village of Stonington, Connecticut. Andrew Lichtenstein/Getty Images

4. "People lying for no reason."

In one of the more commented-on posts, many commiserated with their own stories of people lying.

"This drives me crazy! My husband and I work for a guy who never stops lying. He says he was a super secret marine or some sh*t who was there when Osama bin laden was killed. He knows Putin, played chess with him. Used to hunt down Japanese Mafia. Had a hit on him from Al Qaeda because he was such a good sniper. Dude literally just repeats movie plots. If you've been somewhere, he's been there killing monkeys with a samurai sword or some sh*t," LadyRaoulDukeGonzo wrote.

5. "Clothes not drying."

Nothing was off-limits — not even laundry. In a post with a load of upvotes, it seemed this is among the top annoyances.

"petty stuff like, clothes not drying up completely and they end up smelling damp," kecoaklucu said.

Qasyefx agreed saying,"My SO seems to have some kind of deficiency cause she keeps taking down my still slightly damp clothes to make space for hers and insists they're dry."

"This is my wife! Unless it's baby clothes or bedding. Then she can sense levels of moisture so low they are only seen in the Atacama desert," amoryamory said.

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