Redditors Weigh in on What Fictional Universe They Would Steal From

On Thursday, one Redditor wanted to know: "You get to go into any fictional universe for 30 days. Anything you buy, skills acquired, etc will be transferred to the real world, with zero repercussions. Where do you go?"

As it turns out, this Redditor wasn't the first one to think through this question. Thousands of commenters answered, and the thread proved to be a great place for people to escape and create the realities of their dreams.

Many were drawn to the fictional world of Skyrim, an open-world, role-playing video game.

"Go to Skyrim, use cheats to accelerate progress in the game," said BearyPotter. "Acquire gold and max as many skill trees as possible. Get unique magic items to bring back. Make a point of obtaining Wabbajack and all spells."

Redditor babygrenade also chose Skyrim, because "30 days should be enough to exploit the alchemy/enchanting loop and create some god tier enchanted items. I'm thinking necklaces, rings, anything that's easy to carry and wouldn't look too out of place in our world."

Noting that the skills acquired in the game could also be brought back, someone replied: "Also the skills you learn would work in the real world, so enchanting would work, and all spells you learned. Alchemy might be a bit off since the items you use in Skyrim are a bit different to what we get here, but some trial and error would do a lot."

When the thread's creator told Redditors that cheat codes could be used, many were quick to choose Sims 4 as their world of choice.

"You could mold yourself exactly how you want to look then literally create your ideal partner," said user ButterScotchMagic. However, they did want to know: "But will my sim bf speak English when I bring him to the real world?"

Others chose Sims because there is a cheat code that allows players to become rich. When one user pointed out that Sims currency renders itself useless in the real world another commenter offered a solution.

"[U]se the fake money to build the swankiest house, with all the most expensive s**t you can possibly come up with, with all the maxed out skills," said cranberry94. "And then in the real world you can sell the house and all the fancy s**t, have a ton of real money, and be insanely good at rocket science and guitar and charisma and fitness etc. and basically be set up to be boss at whatever you wanna do in real life."

Though many had created entire roadmaps for success, one user wasn't as interested in what they could bring back. They simply wanted the opportunity to enjoy time in their favorite fictional world.

"I really wanna have a full day of eating with hobbits," said Fruitofedudlo. "Breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner and supper. I also wanna try the salted pork of Isengard with some Old Toby after."

Of course, if no one world has everything a person could want, some commenters suggested creating one.

Said one: "Any fictional universe? [Opens Microsoft Word]."

"This guy gets it," replied another. "You've got one month to write a short story about how great you want to be. Get crackin'!"

With so many fictional worlds to choose from, it can be hard to pick just one. So, choose wisely!

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