National Voter Registration Day 2018: How to Check Whether You're Still Registered

Midterm elections are quickly approaching in the United States and Tuesday was National Voter Registration Day across the country. For those who weren't registered to vote there was likely a nearby event where they could go and register to take part in the November 6 elections.

For those who think they've registered already, or want to make sure their voter status hasn't changed, they can easily check their registration status online. At there is an option for users to check their registration, get their absentee ballot, find their polling place for election day and receive election reminders.

To check whether they're registered, users can go to and select the option to "Check registration status." From there all they need to do is enter their information including name, full address, birthdate and email address. Once they submit this information, they'll see whether they're registered to vote and if so, at what address in what state they're registered to vote.

Should a user find that they aren't registered to vote, there are plenty of resources online to help them register. Or if they've moved to a new address or changed their name and need to change their registration details they can also begin that process online.

There's also the option to register or fix their details in person. A list of the hundreds of events were available online where voter registration drives and get out the vote days were planned for Tuesday. There were even some events planned for overseas. The same website that had the events for Voter Registration Day also had the option for users to register to vote.

Voters can also use the Nonprofit VOTE website to check any specific rules around voting in their state. The site covers information on voting as an ex-offender, voting while homeless and more.

There won't be another presidential election until 2020, but this year has some key elections anyway. There are 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives up for grabs along with a third of the U.S. Senate. Additionally, there will be 36 governor's seats up for election. Also, as usual, there will be a number of local and state seats opening up and up for grabs during the elections as well. Information on which seats could potentially change hands in each state is available online on

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A roll of 'I Voted' stickers sit on a table inside a polling station at a Ross Valley fire station on June 5, in San Anselmo, California. Those who wish to vote in the November elections can check their voter registration status online. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images