Reigning 'Men'

The groom (Morris Chestnut) is a pro running back as devoutly Christian as he is piggishly male chauvinist. His adoring bride (Monica Calhoun) worships him, but she's smart enough not to tell him about the night back in college when she slept with his good friend Harper Stewart (Taye Diggs). Harper is "The Best Man" in Malcolm D. Lee's funny, sentimental, cheerfully bawdy story of a wedding reunion that stirs up a hornet's nest of old loves, lusts and jealousies.

There are eight key characters in this romantic comedy/soap opera, and Lee's juicy cast wastes no time bringing them all to crowd-pleasing life. Diggs is a novelist torn between his girlfriend (Sanaa Lathan) and an ambitious TV producer (Nia Long) who wants to reignite their unconsummated college passion. Harold Perrineau plays a peacekeeping lawyer saddled with the bossy girlfriend from hell (Melissa De Sousa). Best of all is sly Terrence Howard as the womanizing rake Quentin. He steals just about every scene he's in, which in this charismatic company is no mean feat.