Rejected Puppy Clambers on Top of Sleepy Siblings to Nap in Adorable Viral Video

If you are in need of a smile today, this viral video of a puppy trying to join in with the rest of the litter is just the tonic.

In footage shared to TikTok by Freddie Grogono, known on the app as RubberGoooooooose, you can see a litter of golden puppies lying together on a lawn.

The sweet clip, which has been viewed by a whopping 3.9 million people, gets even cuter when another puppy starts running towards the group.

The pets, who appear to be sleeping, are not responsive to the animal's attempts to infiltrate the litter's snuggles.

After trying to nestle in to no avail, the sprightly pup then clambers on top of the pack to take its napping spot.

Grogono captioned the sweet moment, writing: "Sometimes you just got to..."

The heartwarming video, which can be watched here, has surpassed a whopping 377,000 likes.

More than 1,890 people have rushed to the comments section to share their opinions on the adorable footage.

One TikTok user, Wooffinesse, wrote: "Excuse me, I'm late is there a tiny space for me left?"

Another person, Amanda BB, added: "Puppy pile it's a puppy pile this is not a drill."

Emma opined: "That will be the one thinking they're a lapdog when they're fully grown."

Loc The Mugi stated: "Hence the term "Dog Pile" but I believe what we have here is Pupper pool."

SWunnydayz007 typed: "I get as knowing they will be split up soon. I would have to keep them all."

Heather gushed: "Literal dog pile I want to be in the middle of them."

Ashlee revealed: "Not gonna lie I thought that was a fire pit, too cute though."

ThickAzF***k commented: "Let me into this cuteness circle of cuddles!!!!! Lol."

Another dog video that has recently gone viral on TikTok shows a Labrador puppy appearing to play the drums.

In the footage, which was posted to the app by Imperial Point Animal Hospital, we can see a small black puppy sitting before an upturned metal bowl.

A veterinary technician is holding his arms and proceeds to hit the makeshift drum using the pet's paws along to a soundtrack—the result is both adorable and hilarious.

The clip was shared on August 13 with the caption: "Puppy drums! #ipah #vet #animalhospital #puppy #puppydrums #dogsoftiktok #4u #labpuppy"

It has been viewed by a staggering 29.7 million people and liked 5.7 million times.

Newsweek has contacted Grogono for comment.

A puppy
A stock image of a puppy. In a viral TikTok video a small dog adorably tries to join in with the rest of the litter, who are napping. Getty Images