Relationships: You Had Me at... 'Wow!'

All alone? if you need more homies, the solution may be as easy as Speed Friending. The service launched last March in New York and is expanding to other cities like Boston and San Francisco ( ). It works much like Speed Dating, except without the pick-up lines. You and a bunch of your pals-to-be gather in a room, sit across from each other in pairs and chatter. Every five minutes, a bell rings--code for move on and meet someone new. Of course, not everyone is best-friends-forever material. "One guy was, like, 48," says Rebecca Taylor, a 24-year-old accountant and Speed Friender. "He was almost my dad's age." But she did make two new girlfriends. Thankfully, you can sort out the freaks at home, and message the people worth keeping around. Each event costs $20--a small price to pay for a drink and a lifelong comrade. Or maybe you could just buy a parakeet. Hilary Shenfeld