Remembering Dmitry Chebotayev

Leonid Parfenov, editor-in-chief, Russian Newsweek, issued the following statement after the death of Russian photographer Dmitry Chebotayev:

Yesterday the Russian Ambassador to Iraq, Vladimir Chamov, and representatives of the US military command in Baghdad confirmed that Dmitry Chebotayev was killed on May 6th near Bakuba alongside American servicemen from the unit in which he was working as an embedded photographer. He died when the convoy he was traveling in was hit by a roadside bomb.

Dmitry Chebotayev was 29 years old. He had been a regular freelance contributor to the Russian edition of Newsweek magazine. He had worked as a photographer for a number of international publications, and specialized in covering war zones. His most recent photographs, which he sent to Russian Newsweek days before his death, are a photo-reportage on the work on the Iraqi police. His last photographs will be published in the next edition of Russian Newsweek.

Dmitry was a professional and widely respected photo-correspondent who illustrated some of our magazine's finest stories over recent years. He was a cheerful and attractive young man who loved risk and considered courting danger to be a necessary price to pay to do his job. It is with great sadness that we take leave of a wonderful colleague and a true friend. We would like to extend our most sincere condolences to Dmitry's relatives and friends.