Report: Police Eye Possible NY Prison Escapees' Accomplice Who May Have Changed Her Mind

Prison Escape
A "Have a nice day" note was left on an opening in the pipe that two inmates cut open as part of their escape from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York. The convicted murderers, who used power tools to break out of the maximum security prison, may have had help, according to investigators. New York Governor's Press Office/Reuters

As authorities continue to look for New York prison escapees Richard Matt and David Sweat, investigators are seeking anyone who may have helped the pair escape. A source familiar with the investigation told CNN one possible accomplice is Joyce Mitchell, a prison employee. Fox News leveled similar claims. Authorities have not officially commented on the claims.

Mitchell, along with several of her co-workers, is being questioned about the escape, but she has not been charged. A source described her to CNN as "somewhat cooperative." The source said Mitchell's phone was used to call people connected to Matt, but it is unclear if she was the one who made the calls or the time when the calls were placed.

Though she is being investigated, Mitchell could not have helped the prisoners after they escaped because she was in the hospital being treated for a panic attack, the source told CNN.

Her son denies that his mother is involved and described her medical condition as severe chest pains that began when the escape occurred. "She's not the kind of person that's going to risk her life or other people's lives to let these guys escape from prison," Tobey Mitchell said.